Inventis Announces Launch of Satellite Tele-Audiology Solutions

TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – Inventis, announces the launch of Satellite tele-audiology solutions, which is said to be the first technology that allows a hearing professional to perform real-time remote diagnostic tests, thanks to the use of an ANSI-certified audiometer and an embedded audio-video platform.


Satellite Tele-Audiology


With Satellite, you can perform a full audiometric test (air conduction, bone conduction and speech) as if you and your patient were sitting in your clinic together. 

The solution allow patients to take a hearing test at home or in other settings outside of the clinic while the professional is still in control.


Advantages of Real-Time Remote Audiometry

  • Works in the diagnostic software interface protecting personal data.
  • Allows greater workflow for the audiologists. Test a patient in your office and minutes later test a patient in a remote location.
  • Tests saved directly in NOAH database (if needed).
  • Highly reliable, allowing the audiologist to consult, to program hearing aids, to create reports for all online patients the same as if the patient was onsite.
  • All devices that mount Satellite technology are CE and FDA approved.


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Inventis is an audiology leader providing instrumentation and software solutions to hearing and balance care professionals around the world. From our team of engineers to our worldwide distributors, Inventis is committed to being a reliable and innovative manufacturer of medical devices. Inventis develops and manufactures cutting-edge audiology equipment including, audiometers, middle ear analyzers and hearing aid fitting solutions.


Source: Inventis

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