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Noopl: New iPhone Accessory to Enhance Hearing in Noise

Noopl, unveiled at CES 2021 this week, is an iPhone® accessory that is designed to enhance hearing in noisy places so you “can connect better with those around you”.

The device, which clips onto the bottom of the iPhone, utilizes a three-mic array and beam steering to help focus in on speech more clearly. By using the head tracking technology built into the Airpods Pro, it can detect which direction the user is facing to help better reduce background noise and enhance speech.

The company is reported to have partnered with the National Acoustics Lab (NAL) to create the technology in the device.

A video was put out with the announcement of Noopl at CES 2021 on how it works:


Price and Availability


The Noopl is currently set for a $199 pre-order price if you sign up for the waitlist on the company’s site here.


Source: Noopl

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  1. I didn’t like the ad because it reinforces the old cliche that deaf people or with hearing troubles are confused and fool.
    It could be even better if that showed how grateful would be the unpaired people with the device.
    And something really worries me: I saw a lot of news about the device and I didn’t saw any review or test. Wouldn’t that be a great marketing cheat?

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