According to the company, this bend helps ensure the device doesn’t migrate out of the ear and replaces the need for an anchor or retention wire on the receiver to keep it in place. 
On ear – standard RIC fitting (L) vs. new miniReceiver 3.0 (R)

Beyond the new receiver and dome system, the company is also moving away from inductive charging, to a new galvanic (contact) charging system – which is also now finding its way across the company’s other hearing aids as well.

The hearing aids can deliver an impressive 24 hours of use, with 5 hours of streaming. The Pure Charge&Go T AX (which includes a telecoil) delivers up to 31 hours of use on a single charge including 5 hours of streaming.

We had absolutely no problem with battery life, despite extensive audio streaming using an iPhone.

New contact charging system shown

The devices come in a new, portable charger – similar in design to the popular Styletto charging case, along with additional charging options, including the Pure Dry&Clean which charges, dries and sanitizes the hearing aids:

The hearing aids are compatible with the Signia App, offering users the ability to customize the sound quality, change programs, interact with the app’s virtual assistant or connect with your hearing professional for a telehealth session. 

The AX platform’s Bluetooth connectivity supports Made-for-iPhone (MFi) and ASHA (Android) direct streaming so wearers can stay connected.




With the new Augmented Xperience platform, the Pure Charge&Go offers notable improvements in sound quality, fit comfort, and battery life. Support for both iPhone and Android direct streaming make the devices especially appealing for those who like to stay connected.

The Signia PureCharge&Go AX, and PureCharge&Go AX T, are currently offered in 3 technology levels: 3AX, 5AX, 7AX. 

For more details visit Signia’s website to learn more.