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New Audio CARL and CARL Platform Released by AHead Simulations

AHead Simulations brings accessibility and affordability to education and research in hearing healthcare through their release of the All-New Audio CARL and a Newly Updated CARL Platform.

Based on more than four years of user feedback and requests, the new Audio CARL and CARL platform expand the use cases and value in which the CARL manikins can provide to hands-on education, research and development of hearing technologies, and the provision of hearing aids in hearing clinics, all while fitting in better with clinical workflows.

The All-New Audio CARL has three universal uses upon release:

  1. Audiometry Education
  2. Raw Eardrum-Level Sound Recording
  3. Sound Pressure Level Detection and Analysis.

Unlike other hearing manikins on the market, these new CARL units look to bring better realism, ease-of-use, and accessibility to education and research in hearing healthcare, at a far more affordable price-point. 

The New CARL Platform includes updates to the Base and Camera CARL units that include a new Simple-Swap Ear System for easy changing of different patient-specific CARL ear anatomies, new ear options, more accurate head sizing, new impact-resistant and sturdy construction, along with an extended warranty and available earmold network.

AHead Simulations is offering a trade-in program for all existing CARL users to receive up to 40% off a new unit by trading in their older units. All traded-in CARLs will be donated to the Starkey Foundation or the Hear the World Foundation for better training opportunities in underdeveloped regions across the world. The trade-in program will run until December 31, 2022.

For all in-depth details about this new release, visit, or visit to purchase a new CARL unit directly from the online store. All CARLs are now available worldwide with direct international shipping available.

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