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Noah ES officially released in the USA and Europe

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — HIMSA has announced the official release of Noah ES. Released in late January 2022, Noah ES already has over 270 users in the USA and Europe.

Noah ES stands for Noah Extended Services and, as the logo implies, the project is to create a cloud-enabled version of Noah. With Noah ES, Noah Services will now reside and be maintained in the cloud, including database backup, maintenance, security monitoring and user authentication.

According to HIMSA, this means:

  • Always available – Access your Noah patient data 24×7, from anywhere there is Internet.
  • Simple and scalable – From small businesses to large chains, Noah ES provides customizable access, simple networking, and easy expandability.
  • Low maintenance – Noah ES handles all database maintenance and security in the cloud, so you can use more time on your business.
  • No training curve – The Noah System client performs in much the same way as always. This means no additional training.
  • Very Secure – Fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Your patient data is securely stored and protected in professionally maintained data centers.

Interested readers can visit the HIMSA website to learn more.


Source: HIMSA 

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