sonic enchant h

Sonic Enchant Hearing Aid Family Adds Custom Styles and Essential Performance Levels

This week Sonic announced the introduction of new custom styles and essential performance levels to its Enchant family of hearing aids. The company’s expanded family of Enchant instruments now includes four custom styles, and five performance levels–adding the new Enchant20 and Enchant40 to Sonic’s existing line-up of Enchant100, Enchant80 and Enchant60 levels of technology. “With…

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Starkey Livio AI hearing aid

Starkey Unveils the New Livio AI Hearing Aid

In late august, Starkey Hearing Technologies finally unveiled the company’s much-talked about, Livio AI hearing aid, what the company has dubbed as the world’s first Healthable™ hearing aid. In an innovative and unique approach to hearing technology, with the help of integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, the new devices are “the first to track physical…

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resound linx quattro rechargeable

GN Hearing Unveils ReSound LiNX Quattro, ‘Premium-Plus’ Hearing Aid

GN Hearing has announced the release of the new ReSound LiNX Quattro. The latest iteration of the popular LiNX hearing aid line is said to be powered by new technology, including a new chip platform, and for the first time, offering lithium-ion rechargeable technology. The addition of lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries makes ReSound the third…

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hearing aid artificial intelligence

Why Artificial Intelligence is Coming to a Hearing Aid (and Audiology Practice) Near You, Part 2

Five-Year Outlook in the Hearing Aid Industry   What will the next five years look like in the hearing aid industry, and how does artificial intelligence (AI) fit into the future of hearing care? There are several factors that will influence the hearing aid industry over the next five years to drive hearing aid prices…

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vanish hearing aid oticon

Oticon Korea Enters Agreement to Become Exclusive Distributor of Vanish for Korea

Vanish International announced this week that it has entered into agreement with Oticon Korea to become the exclusive distributor of Vanish–an aftermarket dying product that offers BTE and RIC hearing aid users the option to better match their hearing aids to their skin color–for the nation of South Korea. Oticon, as the sole distributor of…

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