widex evoke machine learning update

Widex Enhances Evoke Hearing Aid Performance with Release of Updated Machine Learning Feature

HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK — Hearing aid manufacturer, Widex, has announced the release of its second generation machine learning feature, SoundSense Learn. Users of the company’s Evoke hearing aids will be “able to optimize their personalized sound preferences 25% faster than ever before”. While learning a user’s optimal setting, it now shows users, in real-time, how…

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widex fuel cell hearing aid evoke

A Hearing Aid Without Batteries!? Widex Unveils Fuel Cell Powered Hearing Aid

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Widex has been named a Best of Innovation Awards Honoree for its new Evoke hearing aid featuring revolutionary fuel cell technology, Widex Energy Cell. The new fuel cell technology represents an industry-first and according to the company, the new hearing aids utilize the world’s smallest…

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widex evoke machine learning hearing aid

SoundSense Learn: Machine Learning Revisited and Initial Data Findings

by James W. Martin, Jr, AuD, and Oliver Townend Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be appearing everywhere. For example, BMW and Mercedes are pairing humans with machines to accomplish tasks in the automotive industry that in the past would have been impossible when performed by either in isolation (Daugherty, 2018). This enables flexible human-machine teams…

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Widex Evoke: The World’s First Machine Learning Hearing Aid

Danish hearing aid maker, Widex, recently announced the launch of the “world’s first machine learning hearing aid” technology: Evoke. According to the company, the new devices will give users the ability to employ real-time machine learning that allows the hearing aid to learn from the user’s input and preferences. Using what Widex calls SoundSense Technology,…

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direct iphone hearing aids

With New Product Releases, Majority of Big Six Now Offering 2.4 GHz “Made for iPhone” Hearing Aids

After Sivantos announced the launch of their first “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, the Signia Pure 13BT devices, the company joined the ranks of other major hearing aid manufacturers offering 2.4GHz-enabled hearing aids. While most hearing aid manufacturers have developed their own proprietary wireless systems over the years, the 2.4GHz system that was first adopted and…

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