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Jun. 07, 2019

Top 14 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
People are often surprised to learn that they have hearing loss. After all, if you were unable to read distant signs as easily as you did in the past, a trip to the optometrist would become a priority. The same can’t be said for hearing loss—while sudden exposure to dangerous noises such as gunshots or fireworks can have an immediate
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Jun. 05, 2019

When Hearing Aids Aren’t Enough

Gael Hannan
Do you remember when you got your first hearing aid or set of hearing aids?  (This could have been just last month, or it might be a few years ago.) Whenever it was, things were probably LOUD for the first while. You would have heard sounds that you’d rather not hear, like body noises, jets flying overhead, a bird that
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May. 30, 2019

I Went to a Concert Last Night and My Ears are Still Ringing…

Marshall Chasin
We have all had the experience that our hearing felt numb or reduced after a noisy event such as watching a fireworks display or a rock concert. And indeed if one were to have their hearing tested just before such an event, and then immediately after, there would be some temporary hearing loss. After 16-18 hours the hearing typically returns
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May. 28, 2019

First Audiology Appointment?  Make It a “Party of Two” or More

If you need hearing aids but have not started the process of evaluating different models, you will likely be pleasantly surprised. Your options bear no resemblance to the images you may have in your head of giant ear-banana-like devices with little aesthetic appeal your parents or grandparents wore. Today’s digital hearing aids are tiny, incredibly comfortable, and driven by a
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May. 26, 2019

Use a Hearing Aid? Hearing Loop Systems Make Air Travel Less Stressful

Airports are crowded, loud, and overwhelming places for everyone. When you have hearing problems, they’re that much harder: being able to hear crucial terminal announcements, such as boarding times and gate updates, is difficult at best, impossible at worst (especially given that terminal PA systems aren’t exactly rock concert quality). Nobody wants to miss a plane because they simply couldn’t
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May. 24, 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Visit a Hearing Care Professional

While hearing loss may seem innocent in its early stages, the reality is that those with untreated hearing loss are more likely to miss out on opportunities and do lasting damage to their physical, cognitive, and emotional health. Because of the stigma surrounding hearing loss and hearing aids, it is almost impossible to know the exact number of people affected
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May. 22, 2019

How You Talk About Tinnitus Influences Hope, Fear, or Isolation

By: Torryn Brazell CEO American Tinnitus Association       Many of us have experienced ringing in our ears after a loud concert, but we don’t talk or worry about it because it usually fades by morning. But when you wake up several days later still hearing a high-pitched tone, whooshing, buzzing, or the sound of a whistling tea kettle,
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May. 20, 2019

Hearing Loss Prevention and Music

Marshall Chasin
Of the many causes of permanent hearing loss, the one that is most preventable is noise and music exposure.  Although music and noise appear to be quite different; one being a good thing and the other, less good, both have a similar (but not identical) effect on our hearing. Although recent research have unveiled several parameters that can affect one’s
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May. 14, 2019

Why hearing aids ≠ glasses

I understand why people often compare hearing aids to glasses. After all, they are both worn on the head and each helps to compensate for a sensory loss by improving the flow of signals to the brain. While I find the comparison helpful in battling the hearing aid stigma (e.g. glasses are socially acceptable, so hearing aids should be, also),
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May. 13, 2019

How to Talk with a Person Who Has Hearing Loss

Gael Hannan
Is there a person with hearing loss in your family? If so, then you know all about what to do —and what not to do— for effective communication, right? Are you a person with hearing loss in a family where everyone else is hearing? If so, you know how difficult it is for your family members to remember and carry