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Jul. 31, 2019

Breaking the Legal Sound Barrier

Robert Traynor
Stanton (2016) indicates that the history of deaf and hard of hearing lawyers parallels the history of deaf and hard of hearing people in general. As technology progressed, and as accessibility laws were enacted, the opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing lawyers (and deaf and hard of hearing people in general) increased and the barriers faced by them were
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Jun. 10, 2019

The Potato Famine Brings Communication to the Deaf-Blind

Robert Traynor
The Potato Famine In the 1830s-40s most of Ireland lived in terrible housing conditions. A census report in 1841 found that nearly half the families in rural areas lived in windowless mud cabins, most with no furniture other than a stool. Their pigs slept with their owners and heaps of manure lay by the doors.  In the culture of the
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May. 06, 2019

Who was “Dif” Smith?

Robert Traynor
If you were not raised in Texas or live outside the US, this Texas hero may have escaped your history lessons. Erastus Smith was born in New York on April 19, 1787.   In 1798, at age 11, his family moved to Port Gibson, Mississippi Territory (near Natchez) where he finished his formative years.  According to Huston (1973), his parents were
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Apr. 09, 2019

The Deaf Prince of the US Civil War

Robert Traynor
Neuilly-sur-Seine is a French commune just west of Paris, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine. A suburb of Paris, Neuilly is immediately adjacent to the city and is composed of mostly wealthy, select residential neighborhoods. For centuries it has been the wealthiest and most expensive suburb of Paris, often recognized as one of the safest and most child-friendly of all Parisian
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Mar. 16, 2019

The Deafness of Black Coyote

Robert Traynor
As told by the Eye Witness to History (1998), by 1890 the once proud Sioux Indians found their free-roaming life destroyed, the buffalo gone, themselves confined to reservations dependent on Indian Agents for their existence. In the late 19th century, the job title of Indian agent was to attempt to civilize Indians by assimilating them into American culture. Despite the
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Jan. 30, 2019

Working with Tinnitus Is More Than Masking

Robert Traynor
All of a sudden there is lots of talk and ads by audiologists about tinnitus on television and in the mailbox, where did that come from?  Audiology is highly competitive these days and in the 2019 US marketplace the treatment of hearing loss alone is no longer a lucrative business in many areas.  As the competitive climate for new patients
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Jan. 15, 2019

Can Plants Hear?

Robert Traynor
A few months ago at Hearing International we did a discussion of how you can hear plants grow……. Strange things are now found among plants. It has been discovered that plants can actually tell if predators are after them bugs, animals and humans!  This is the story of how plants might hear, feel, smell or otherwise detect that they are
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Jan. 02, 2019

Reader’s Choice: The 110Hz Phenomenon

Robert Traynor
The second most popular post of 2018 dealt with the 110 Hz phenomenon.  An interesting concept with lots of international historic implications.  It is presented here in its entirety as the first post of 2019. —————————————————————————— An old Soap Lake High School (Soap Lake, Washington) buddy, Mike McNamara had just watched a History Channel episode on the 110 Hz phenomena.
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Dec. 25, 2018

Reader’s Choice: Meniere’s Disease on the Moon

Robert Traynor
The most popular blog at Hearing International this year was Meniere’s Disease on the Moon, first published May 15, 2018.  It was our pleasure to tell the story of a true American Hero, Astronaut Allen Shepard.  A man with true guts to go into Space with Meniere’s Disease.  This Holiday Season let us remember all of our heroes in various
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Dec. 11, 2018

The Sounds of Mars

Robert Traynor
This segment of Hearing International could almost be called Hearing Interplanetary as it relates to the sounds of Mars.  Recently, the multinational project called InSight Lander found its way to Mars to study the make up of the planet. Early Experiences with Mars in America Some of the earliest sounds of Mars heard by an American audience was on the