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Mar. 05, 2014

Lawrence Eng to be AAA’s next president-elect, following six women in that role

David Kirkwood
RESTON, VA—When Lawrence Eng, AuD, becomes president of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) on July 1, 2015, he will be the first man to lead the organization since 2009, when Patrick Feeney, PhD, completed his term. As reported this week on the AAA web site, Eng was elected by the membership to serve as president-elect for a year starting
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Mar. 03, 2014

Mauldin Award for Excellence in Education will go to Ron Leavitt at AAA Convention

David Kirkwood
ORLANDO—Ron Leavitt, AuD, whose career has spanned a wide range of audiologic activities, will receive the Larry Mauldin Award for Excellence in Education at AudiologyNOW! 2014. The annual convention of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) will be held March 26-29 in Orlando. The Mauldin award, which is presented annually by Beltone Electronics, honors the memory of the late Larry
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Feb. 26, 2014

Study reveals a scientific basis for a link between blindness and improved hearing

David Kirkwood
 By David H. Kirkwood COLLEGE PARK/BALTIMORE, MD–Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, Doc Watson, Ray Charles, Art Tatum, Ronnie Milsap, Sonny Terry, Blind Lemon Jefferson… The list of great singers and instrumentalists who were blind from birth or childhood goes on and on. It’s often been theorized that their blindness may have been a factor in the development of their musical genius.
Feb. 24, 2014

ReSound releases first hearing aid that streams sound directly from an iPhone

David Kirkwood
  COPENHAGEN–Every new hearing aid that’s launched is totally unique, innovative, the very latest and greatest—according to the company that developed it and is determined to promote it. However, occasionally a new hearing aid creates genuine excitement in the marketplace of professionals who will fit it and consumers who will wear it. Today (February 24) such an event occurred when
Feb. 19, 2014

FDA’s proposed new PSAP policy draws mixed response, but mostly opposed

David Kirkwood
  By David H. Kirkwood SILVER SPRING, MD–The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has  more than 100, highly diverse, public comments to consider in deciding if it should implement or rethink a proposed new guidance document that it issued on November 7. The document, drafted by the Ear, Nose, and Throat Devices Branch of FDA’s Center for Devices and
Feb. 17, 2014

While Castro’s hearing loss is hidden, “Japanese Beethoven’s” deafness is feigned

David Kirkwood
  HAVANA & TOKYO—It appears from two widely reported news stories that Fidel Castro and Mamoru Samuragochi are on the opposite ends of the scale between denying hearing loss and accepting, even embracing, the condition. Castro, or more likely the government office that manages the public image of Cuba’s frail 88-year-old former president, seems not to want the world to
Feb. 16, 2014

Better Hearing Institute’s new web site is designed to inspire consumer action

David Kirkwood
WASHINGTON, DC–The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) unveiled a renovated web site this week, as part of its broader effort to inspire a more action-oriented outlook on the state of hearing loss in America. The institute, which is the educational arm of the Hearing Industries Association (HIA), recognizes the substantial link between hearing health and active lifestyles, whole health, quality of
Feb. 12, 2014

Low-power microchip may open door to a cochlear implant with no exterior parts

David Kirkwood
SAN FRANCISCO—What cochlear implant wearers have long yearned for—an entirely implantable system without the external transmitter, wire, microphone, and battery that are now standard—appears to have moved a step closer to reality this week. In a paper to be presented February 11 at the IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco, researchers describe a newly developed low-power signal-processing
Feb. 10, 2014

Measure would provide hearing aid coverage for Ohio children and adults

David Kirkwood
COLUMBUS—The Ohio legislature is considering a bill that would make Ohio only the fourth state in the nation to require health insurance companies to include hearing aids as part of their basic health coverage for people of all ages. Seventeen states require that health insurance benefits plans pay for hearing aids for children, but only three, relatively small, states–Arkansas, New
Feb. 05, 2014

Hearing aid dispensing groups back new FDA restrictions on PSAPs; HLAA does not

David Kirkwood
  The following post was originally published on February 5 and updated on February 6. By David H. Kirkwood ROCKVILLE, MD–Three more organizations concerned with hearing submitted comments to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week on the agency’s proposed guidance document, which would tighten existing restrictions on the marketing of personal sound amplification products (PSAPs). The International Hearing Society