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Nov. 21, 2016

Faster Diagnosis of Acoustic Tumor with Physician and Audiologist

Judy Huch
Note from Judy Huch, AuD, Editor: I have the privilege to supervise 4th year Audiology Externs at our offices in Tucson. We are fortunate that most of what we see is routine, but we do have “teaching moments”.  Not all of these moments are as health-altering as this case, fortunately, when an Acoustic Neuroma was found.  We also want to
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Nov. 08, 2016

Life, Longevity,Cognitive Decline, Hearing Loss… More Connected Than We Used to Think

Judy Huch
HHTM Staff: For several years, we’ve been reporting on correlations linking hearing loss and Alzheimers, depression, cognitive decline, social isolation, general health, and Quality of Life (QoL) measures.  Correlation does not imply causality, but the data keep coming, forging stronger links between healthy hearing and healthy living.  November is also National Alzheimer’s Awareness month and we want to highlight this
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Nov. 01, 2016

Migraine, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus: An Interesting and Unusual Case Study

Judy Huch
HHTM Staff: This is a quick post to alert you to a fascinating case study involving one-sided, mild hearing loss; one-sided, extreme tinnitus; and horrible migraine-type headaches. The patient was an adult female.  As you’ll see from reading the article, her symptoms were suspected to be related to some sort of trauma — perhaps a chiropractic manipulation.  As far as
Oct. 25, 2016

Noise and Urban Encroachment

Judy Huch
HHTM Staff: Last week’s post was supposed to be the absolute final post in this multi-month Noise series.  After getting the low-down on electronic earplugs, a new angle arose in the form of legislation to outfit firearms with noise suppressors (aka “silencers”).  The rationale for suppressors was ably supported by Knox Williams (President, American Silencer Assoc) last week, but we remained skeptical
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Oct. 18, 2016

Silencing Firearms to Protect Hearing

Judy Huch
HHTM Staff: Last month a multi-month Noise series arrived at the practical stage by describing actual products that go in ears to protect hearing in potentially damaging noise situations.  Speaking specifically to those who hunt with firearms, Patty Johnson, AuD, described active hearing protectors as an ideal solution that provides: “enhanced awareness, clear communication, and blast protection [while] allowing quiet and
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Oct. 11, 2016

Noise — the Bad Boy of Sports and Audiology

Judy Huch
Noise has been topic of many past posts.  we’re tired of it and readers probably are too.  So why keep posting about noise?   Because noise:  is controversial  is everywhere annoys and distracts is harmful to overall health damages hearing, starting in childhood brings on tinnitus plays into intellectual elitism may disrupt cognition alerts us to environmental threats and structural problems is
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Oct. 04, 2016

Noise versus Silence

Judy Huch
Noise will continue to be the star at HHTM, in many guises:  sounds of a bat, rude cell phone use, and elitist intellectual-profiling.  Silence emerged as the white knight of tranquility, civil behavior, superior intellect, and upper class entitlement.  It’s an interesting and entertaining juxtaposition of Good and Bad, especially considering our mainly urban lifestyles and love of noisy restaurants. No
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Sep. 27, 2016

Quiet Please!

Judy Huch
We are in the midst of posting on noise, but we can’t talk about noise without including Silence.  Brains and Ears are a package deal for perceiving, alerting, attending, and processing auditory input from the world around us. Both are necessary, neither alone is sufficient.    The Model The neuropsychological top-down model goes like this:  too little input to the
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Sep. 20, 2016

The Hunting/Hearing Conundrum

Judy Huch
This is post #2 for Guest Blogger Patty Johnson, who wrote previously about the complicated relationship between hunting and hearing.  In today’s post, Dr. Johnson gives practical information and advice for those who love to hunt but also love to hear.   Patty Johnson received her Master’s Degree in Audiology from the University of Iowa and her AuD from Salus
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Sep. 13, 2016

Not-So-Ancient Mariners and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Judy Huch
HHTM Staff: Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) has been the subject of many posts at HHTM and we have discussed that not everyone self-induces their NIHL.  Those who serve in our armed forces get theirs the old fashioned way — by daily exposure to hazardous levels of workplace noise or as warfighters in high noise combat conditions.  Today’s post looks at