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Mar. 02, 2023

Localization: More Important Than Word Recognition?

Wayne Staab
Sound Localization – Time-of-Arrival Differences at the Ears Time-of-arrival of sound at the two ears is an important contributor to sound localization. In this continuation of a series on binaural hearing, special attention is given to the second major contributor to sound localization, that of time-of-arrival of the sound at the two ears. Last week’s post on localization featured interaural
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Feb. 24, 2023

How Important Is Sound Localization?

Wayne Staab
Part II of a Series on the Use of Two Ears for Hearing In a recent post, I wrote about hearing with two ears, and listed the following among the major phenomena involved: Head shadow effect Sound localization Loudness squelch Facilitation in noise (masking level difference) Binaural summation Collectively, these phenomena result in at least the following practical advantages of
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Feb. 11, 2023

Whisper Test for Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids – Still Alive?

Wayne Staab
It is Amazing What One Can Find About Hearing Aids When Looking For Something Else In her post last week on the HHTM blog, Gael Hannan commented on the “whisper game” that hearing-impaired individuals are not particularly good at, and provided an accurate and entertaining commentary as to why this is.  She reported that some family physicians use the whispered
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Feb. 10, 2023

Hearing with Both Ears – Binaural Hearing 101

Wayne Staab
Hearing With Two Ears Binaural Hearing.  “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” (Epictetus the Stoic). These may be wishful thoughts relative to wisdom, but near the truth relative to psychoacoustics. The auditory system maximizes slight differences in time (and phase), intensity, and spectral composition between acoustic stimuli arriving
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Feb. 09, 2023

My Hearing Aid Battery Doesn’t Last Long

Wayne Staab
My Hearing Aid Battery Doesn’t Last Long, So What Can be Happening? My post last week suggested that when advanced hearing aid features are activated (adaptive noise cancellation, adaptive directionality, etc.), while they seemed to have essentially no significant impact on hearing aid delay performance, these feature activations do have an impact on the current drain.  And, current drain determines hearing
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Feb. 02, 2023

Hearing Aid Delay: What Does the Data Say?

Wayne Staab
Hearing Aid Delay – What the Data Tells Us In a recent post related to hearing aid delay, I reported that what I had found suggested that current digital hearing aids had delays that were considered acceptable, being less than about 10 msec. But, since the data reported was taken a number of years ago, I commented that I had found
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Jan. 31, 2023

Do Hearing Aids Meet ANSI Standards?

Wayne Staab
Measuring a hearing aid to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standards should be a first step before any programming of the hearing aid is attempted.  While it is assumed that the hearing aids meet ANSI Standards, as measured and sent by the manufacturer, confirmation of the hearing aid’s basic foundation is necessary to ensure that the eventual programming of the
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Jan. 24, 2023

Hearing Aid Analyzers…Factory Floor Testing as a Start

Wayne Staab
by George J. Frye, M.Eng. and Wayne J. Staab, Ph.D. George Frye founded Frye Electronics, Inc., in 1973, where he designed the FONIX 5000, the first automatic digital hearing aid analyzer. Later work included the 6500, the first interactive real time analyzer. He lately helped with the design of the FONIX Colt, which is the first type 1A clinical audiometer to
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Jan. 19, 2023

Hearing Aid Delay

Wayne Staab
Hearing Aid Delay Between Direct and Processed Sound Last week’s post provided information about the delay between the direct and processed sound in digital hearing aids – hearing aid delay. All hearing aids, but especially digital, have processing delays and it has been speculated that these delays may potentially interfere with amplified sound quality of speech. Depending on the amount of delay,
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Jan. 06, 2023

The Sounds of Africa – Leopard

Wayne Staab
Leopard Communication The Leopard is the largest spotted cat in Africa, and a powerful symbol of the wild places of earth: it is solitary, beautiful, graceful, strong, agile, and cunning.  Leopards are heavier and more strongly built than cheetahs, but still one third the size of lions.  Their spots are dark rosettes with a hollow center, all on a tan