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Hearing Health & Technology Matters
September 25, 2011

I had the privilege of hearing Hawkeye Richardson speak at our local business club.  He believes most people really miss the boat when it comes to using social media.  We now live in a world of technology, automatically using computers or smart phones to promote our business. But we have forgotten that the first “social media” was good old face-to-face interaction.  He also stresses the importance of making a good first impression and specifically recommends that we learn to “look and listen”.

I admit – I do not always slow my mind down enough to really hear what the person across from me is saying. Instead, I try to anticipate their need and then jump into my next response – sometimes even before they have finished their thought!  When someone comes into our office voluntarily, we know they are probably qualified prospects, and as hearing healthcare providers, we must listen first and take time to react accordingly.  But what about people we meet at our networking groups and charity events? Rather than always being “on stage” and intent on giving them our “pitch”, it would be better to use Richardson’s recommendation.  We will not waste their time talking business, and our listening skills will make a memorable first impression for when they are in the market.

He recommends reading “Blink”, by Malcom Gladwell, “Honest Signals”, by Alex Pentland, “Your Brain at Work”, by David Rock, and “Neuromarketing”, by Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin.  Contact him at  He specializes in Video Marketing at

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