Course at AAA Convention to feature editors’ insights on the Best of the Blogs

David Kirkwood
March 21, 2012


BOSTON—Five editors from will explore the role of blogging in audiology during a session next week at AudiologyNOW! 2012, the annual convention of the American Academy of Audiology.

Entitled Best of the Blogs @ Hearing Heath and Technology Matters, the one-hour course will take place Friday, March 30, starting at 2 pm in Room 257B of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Continuing education credit will be offered.

Robert Traynor, EdD, MBA, chair of the session, is editor of the blog Hearing International, which connects with audiologists around the world to share experiences, technologies, and procedures. Among the topics he’s blogged on in recent weeks are Bach, hearing loss and chiropractic, and Hedy Lamarr. Traynor is CEO and a practicing audiologist at Audiology Associates, Inc., in Greeley, CO. He also serves as an adjunct professor of audiology at the University of Florida, the University of Colorado, and the University of Northern Colorado. He has lectured in over 40 countries and is a prolific writer, whose book Strategic Practice Management is widely used by universities to train audiologists in practice management.


Traynor will be joined on the podium by four other speakers. Marshall Chasin, AuD, combines his love of music and his expertise in audiology on the blog Hearing and Music. Director of research at the Musicians’ Clinics of Canada, Chasin has presented internationally on hearing loss prevention in musicians and fitting hearing aids on musicians.

At Hear In Private Practice, Judy Huch, AuD, offers a variety of perspectives on managing a private audiology practice. She knows whereof she writes, since she began dispensing hearing aids 20 years ago while still in graduate school and now runs two private practices in the Tucson area. She has published articles on patient satisfaction.

Wayne Staab, PhD, devotes his blog, Wayne’s World, to the unwritten history – people, events, and products – that shaped the hearing aid industry. As one of the first audiologists to work with hearing aid manufacturers, Staab has played a significant role in that unwritten history. Formerly president and executive director of the American Auditory Society, he serves as president of Dr. Wayne J. Staab and Associates, which provides marketing, research, education, publishing, and manufacturing services to the hearing industry.


As editor of The Better Hearing Consumer, Gael Hannan brings a consumer’s perspective and a keen sense of humor to her posts. She blogs on what she calls “our holy grail”–living successfully with hearing loss by aiming for good communication in every area of our lives. Hannan is an accomplished writer, actor, and public speaker, who grew up with a progressive hearing loss that is now severe-to-profound. She serves on the board of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association and is a prominent advocate for persons with hearing loss.

Audiologists who go to this session will have ample opportunity to ask questions of the speakers as well as of other editors from in attendance. They will also learn how to contribute to the blog.

For more on the session, go to the February 29 Hearing View.


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