Hearinghealthmatters.org starts 2nd year with a new look and a new contributing editor

David Kirkwood
April 16, 2012

Chris Diles

TUCSON, AZ—Hearinghealthmatters.org marked its first anniversary this week with the announcement of a new blogger and a new blog section. Readers will also note that the blog’s home page has been newly redesigned to be more attractive and make the site easier to navigate.

Christine Diles, AuD, a veteran private-practice audiologist, will write her first post in the April 18 issue for the new blog section, Hearing Health, where she and Judy Huch, AuD, will be co-editors. Hearing Health, which takes the place of Hear in Private Practice, will be less about business and will focus more on audiology from a practice and patient point of view.

Chris and her husband, Bill Diles, MA, have owned and operated Kenwood Hearing Center in California’s Sonoma County for over 30 years.

However, hearing care has run in the Diles family for much longer than that. Bill’s grandfather was an executive with an American hearing aid manufacturer in the 1940s and 1950s, and Bill’s father was a well-respected hearing aid dispenser in Ohio.  Currently, Bill’s brother is a hearing aid dispenser in California, while Bill and Chris’s daughter works for a major manufacturer and one of their sons is their business manager.

Kenwood Hearing Center, which provides diagnostic and rehabilitative services, has expanded to include three full-time locations, staffed by a team of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists.

Dr. Diles is also a consultant on product development for Sycle.net, a provider of hearing care practice management software.

Subscribers to Hearinghealthmatters.org are already familiar with Chris’s writing from her posts at Hearing Economics. One of these also appeared last week in a revised version as a Hearing View.

  1. David and staff,
    Congratulations on your first year of blogging. Keeping pertinent information arriving in our in-boxes in a timely manner was so needed.

    Thank You,

    Eric Hagberg, Au.D
    President – Academy of Doctors of Audiology

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