Getting Up to Speed on OTC

November 3, 2022

Since the new FDA regulations for over-the-counter hearing aids went into effect last month, there have been many questions and comments about them.

Such questions as:

  • How might OTC devices differ from prescribed hearing aids?
  • Where can consumers buy these products?
  • What exactly do the regulations say about how they are to be manufactured and sold?

Rather than reading long, pedantic articles about FDA rules, comments, and codes, HHTM has decided to re-up some of our more recent videos that summarize what several experts say about OTC devices. 

Breaking Down the OTC Hearing Aid Guidelines: A Closer Look at the New Regulations

OTC Hearing Aids: Hearing Professional Perspective on FDA’s Final Regulations

OTC Hearing Aids: Hearing Device Manufacturers Share Perspective on FDA’s Final Regulations

Successfully Integrating OTC Hearing Aids into an Audiology Practice

Sony OTC Hearing Aid Partnership with WS Audiology: Interview with Maarten Barmentlo

OTC Hearing Aids – Consumer Perspective on the FDA Issuing Final Regulations

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