Medical Hearing Consultants Announce Launch of The Hearing Portal

June 21, 2022

As a hearing healthcare provider, has the need for medical clearance ever affected a patient from receiving hearing aids from you?

Getting to the office can be difficult enough for many patients, especially if they are elderly. When they have to leave your office after an evaluation to receive medical clearance from a physician, the chances of them returning are unfortunately very low. They may have trouble finding a ride to their next appointment or they may end up buying hearing aids elsewhere.

What if there was a way to not only make this process easier for your patients, but for you as well?


Introducing The Hearing Portal

If you have a patient who is motivated and ready to move forward with hearing aids, they can now connect with a physician in real-time with The Hearing Portal. Using The Hearing Portal video telehealth platform, patients gain immediate clearance from a medical care provider during their visit with you.

We’ve created this convenient, real-time telemedicine clearance for hearing aids to provide you with a more efficient way to help patients. 


How The Hearing Portal Works


The Hearing Portal is quick and easy to use, for both you and your patients.

First, you will perform your evaluation and, using the equipment provided by Medical Hearing Consultants, take pictures of the patient’s ear, ear canal, and of their audiogram.

Then, using The Hearing Portal you will fill out the patient’s information and upload all the images taken during your examination. Your patient will then have a brief telehealth consultation with a medical physician where they are screened for hearing disorders and, when medically indicated, given immediate medical clearance for hearing aids.

Now, you can fit your patient with hearing aids in the same day! The medical consultation supports your decision, giving patients confidence to follow through with hearing aids and removes the hassle of having to send them out of the office for medical clearance.

The Hearing Portal is easy to use and will decrease the amount of time it typically takes a patient to get hearing aids by weeks or even months.

If you’re ready to see more patients, dispense more units, and help even more people experience better hearing, visit to register for The Hearing Portal today.


About Medical Hearing Consultants

Medical Hearing Consultants was created in 2021 with its foremost desire being to assist in providing the gold standard care for patients. This means we desire optimizing convenience, respect, patient costs, and healthcare excellence for the patient, their caregivers, and the providers in charge of their care. Medical Hearing Consultants, LLC (MHC) was born from the observation that patients and hearing aid providers needed an avenue for immediate, real-time access to medical healthcare providers who can provide medical consultations for hearing loss patients.


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