Introducing NALguide: A Comprehensive Consumer Guide to Hearing Aid Technology Features

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July 24, 2023

The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) has unveiled their latest initiative, “NALguide: Hearing Aid Features Explained,” a comprehensive consumer guide designed to navigate the vast landscape of hearing aid technology in the current market. The guide aims to empower both hearing aid users and the general public to comprehend and make informed choices regarding the array of available hearing aid technologies.

The NALguide can be accessed as a downloadable PDF or an interactive webpage on the official NAL website, providing detailed and user-friendly information. The guide is centered around the perspective of consumer listening needs, making it easily accessible and understandable for all.

Helping Consumers Navigate Hearing Aid Landscape

With the abundance of information available from various sources, it can be overwhelming for consumers to evaluate opinions, reviews, and marketing materials related to hearing aid technologies. NALguide addresses this challenge by offering a carefully consolidated and unbiased compilation of information from publicly available sources. The guide does not favor any specific feature, manufacturer, or technology level, ensuring neutrality and objectivity in its content.

“Our aim with NALguide is to become a relevant and evolving resource for hearing aid consumers, fostering better communication with their hearing healthcare professionals,” stated a representative from NAL.

The guide project received valuable support and consultation from prominent organizations including the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care, The Hearing Aid Manufacturers and Distributors Association of Australia, and the Deafness Forum Australia.

NALguide: Hearing Aid Features Explained is now live and accessible for users to explore on the NAL website, starting from today.

About the National Acoustic Laboratories 

The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) provides world-leading hearing research and  evidence-based innovation to improve hearing health and transform the lives of people with hearing difficulties. We collaborate with organisations around the world to innovate on novel  solutions to hearing health services and technology, conduct sophisticated validation trials  on treatment benefit, and provide insight into the needs of people with hearing loss and  clinicians who treat them. Our research findings are published in leading peer-reviewed  journals and our solutions are used worldwide. NAL is the research division of Hearing Australia.

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