Seamless Hearing Enhancement: AudioTelligence Integrates Assistive Listening Tech into Earbud Charging Case

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July 17, 2023

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM — Today, AudioTelligence announces its innovative new product concept,  which for the first time integrates assistive listening technology into an earbud charging case. This world-first combination of hearing technology with earbud charging facilities aims to provide manufacturers with a comprehensive all-in-one solution for individuals with hearing loss as well as for anyone who needs to hear clearly in noise.

The concept addresses the challenges faced by many people with hearing loss in social situations where conventional hearing aids may fall short.  With a sleek and modern design, the charging case helps disrupt the stereotype of cumbersome and obvious hearing devices, aligning with the form factor of popular wireless earbud cases.

earbud assistive listening caseAudioTelligence has taken care to make the case both user-friendly  and appealing, because it hopes that the discreet and modern design will encourage wider adoption of hearing technology integrated into consumer products. Users will no longer need additional hardware or accessories: help with hearing better becomes available in a device which they already carry with them. With this practical solution to a common problem, AudioTelligence aims to revolutionise the assistive technology market.

Hearing aids undoubtedly offer numerous benefits, particularly in one-on-one conversations. However, they may not fully address the challenges faced in bustling environments such as restaurants or cafes, where background noise can hinder clear communication. Accessories like remote microphones paired with hearing aids or earbuds have proven beneficial in these situations, but carrying additional devices can be cumbersome and they are easy to forget.

By integrating AudioTelligence’s advanced source separation algorithms into a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbud or hearing aid charging case, manufacturers can offer a multi-functional device that seamlessly complements users’ existing solutions.

“We are excited to introduce the earbud assistive listening case which allows  our customers to offer hearing enhancement solutions for every environment without the need for extra accessories. AudioTelligence’s mission is to empower individuals to engage fully in social interactions, overcome communication barriers, and enhance their overall quality of life. The earbud assistive listening case represents a significant step towards a more inclusive society, by integrating hearing accessibility into everyday devices.”

–Sue Handley-Jones, CEO at AudioTelligence

The concept capitalizes on the growing popularity of TWS earbuds as cutting-edge consumer accessories and takes advantage of the blurring lines between consumer tech and professional hearing devices.

Powered by AudioTelligence’s aiso, the assistive listening devices within the earbud charging case utilize Blind Source Separation (BSS) to process audio signals from multiple microphones. This innovative technology separates each source of sound with a consistent spatial location into its own distinct channel of audio. The result is “a remarkable capability for individuals with hearing loss to seamlessly follow the conversation.”

The BSS technology improves the Signal-to-Interference Ratio (SIR) by up to 30 dB, with added benefits in situations with overlapping speech signals where noise suppression alone is insufficient.

By enhancing the clarity of speech, AudioTelligence technology ensures that individuals with hearing loss can communicate more effectively in various listening environments.


About AudioTelligence Technology

AudioTelligence’s proprietary Blind Source Separation technology is the foundation of aiso™ solutions. It leverages Bayesian statistical models to process multi-microphone audio signals and separates each source of sound with a consistent spatial location into its own distinct channel of audio. It improves Signal-to-Interference Ratio (SIR) by up to 30 dB and is uniquely valuable when there are overlapping speech signals – a problem that cannot be addressed effectively with noise suppression technology alone. It functions with very low latency, even meeting the demands of face-to-face communications in hearing assistance applications.

AudioTelligence technology is available on a royalty licensing basis, offering low-cost, high-quality solutions for personal assistive listening devices and other consumer electronics products.


Source: AudioTelligence

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