xMEMS Unveils Solid-State MEMS DynamicVent to Power Next-Gen Earbuds and Hearing Aids, Enabling Benefits of Both Open and Closed Fit Earbuds

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January 16, 2023

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIAxMEMS Labs announced the introduction of Skyline, the “world’s first discrete solid-state MEMS DynamicVent enabling smart TWS earbuds and hearing aids that create best-of-both-worlds user experiences combining the benefits of closed-fit (occluded) and open-fit, spatially aware earbuds”.

Skyline represents xMEMS’ 2nd generation DynamicVent technology following last year’s introduction of Montara Pro. Unlike Montara Pro’s vent, which was integrated on the same die with a MEMS speaker, Skyline is said to be “a discrete, stand-alone solution and can be paired with xMEMS’ solid-state microspeakers or traditional coil-based speakers”.

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DynamicVent Technology for Next-Gen Devices

Skyline’s patented DynamicVent technology is designed to enhance popular adaptive transparency and active noise cancelation (ANC) features in advanced TWS earbuds, by enabling the earbud system DSP to intelligently open or close the valve based on ambient noise levels detected by microphones or the listeners activity from motion sensors.

With the vent closed, Skyline creates a listening environment with the best passive isolation for music and media consumption or for improved focus and hearing safety in the presence of loud background noise. With the vent open, Skyline enables improved spatial awareness, increased listening comfort, and reduced occlusion effects, such as the perception of the user’s own voice as too loud, “boomy”, or “hollow”.

Equally important, Skyline “eliminates the need for traditional static vents that create a persistent low frequency roll-off that impact music and media quality and also impacts consumers with low-frequency hearing loss”. Skyline can also eliminate the need for oversized speakers in earbuds that are commonly used to compensate for low frequency loss caused by persistent, static vents.

“Skyline’s DynamicVent technology will enable TWS engineering teams to deliver a new generation of more capable adaptive transparency and adaptive ANC functions. Skyline enables system designers to balance the benefits of open and closed-fit earbuds, improving comfort and providing solutions that better adapt to a variety of listening environments.”

–Mike Housholder, xMEMS VP of Marketing and Business Development

Skyline’s DynamicVent implements a differential design that eliminates open/close noise. The large vent opening creates relief equivalent to a 1.1mm2 diameter hole (or 1.3mm2 with dual Skyline) and offers up to 25dB of attenuation at 100Hz. Unlike other non-MEMS approaches to active venting, the DynamicVent eliminates pop/click noise and achieves an IP58 rating providing better resilience to particulate and moisture ingress, improving the longevity of the end-product.



Skyline samples and evaluation kits are now available for select customers, with mass production expected in Q4 2023.

Skyline is available in a 5.0 x 4.0 x 1.15mm LGA package. Skyline is paired with the xMEMS Alpine DynamicVent drive IC available in single or dual-channel configurations (1.5 x 1.8 x 0.6mm WLCSP).


About xMEMS Labs, Inc.

Founded in January 2018, xMEMS Labs is reinventing sound with the world’s first solid-state True MEMS speakers for TWS and other personal audio devices. xMEMS has over 100 granted patents worldwide for its technology. The innovative, monolithic transduction architecture implements both actuation and diaphragm in silicon producing the world’s fastest and most precise micro speakers, eliminating spring and suspension recovery of coil speakers. This results in the most accurate time domain music reproduction, unmatched sound clarity, and an elevated sense of space. For more information, visit https://xmems.com.


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