AAVAA’s Smart Wearables Powered by Brain-Computer Interface Technology Are Redefining the Future of Device Control for Consumers

June 5, 2024

MONTRÉAL, CANADA —  AAVAA, a pioneer in non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, announces its patented BCI technology is now available in a new line of wearable devices available directly to consumers, including smart glasses and headbands, designed to enhance device control. Users will now be able to communicate using their digital keyboard on computers and smartphones, or control gaming consoles simply by moving their head and blinking.

These devices are now available to purchase directly to consumers online, and aim to serve a broad audience, including individuals with mobility and speech challenges, researchers and developers and everyday users.

“Our wearable technology enables effortless control over your environment. Imagine you have access to a “head mouse” that allows you to manage tasks, like writing a message, or controlling games or turning on smart appliances in your home just by moving your head and blinking. It’s that intuitive. We’re excited to bring this level of convenience and accessibility to everyone’s daily life.”

–Naeem Komeilipoor, Founder, CTO and Inventor of AAVAA

The BCI technology works by interpreting brain and bio-signals for tracking user attention, facial gestures and gross eye movement for command and control. Unlike invasive devices, users can access this level of control without surgeries or implants.

The sensors are created with proprietary fabric and polymer sensors set a new standard in both comfort and signal quality, intelligently distinguishing between intentional and accidental movements for unmatched accuracy and effectiveness. The devices are also powered by a computationally light algorithm and small, standalone microcontroller to enable fast response times in ergonomic designs.

“We envision a world where technology makes life accessible for all,” said Komeilipoor.

The wearable devices are available for purchase online for $499 CAD at https://aavaa.com/products/.


AAVAA is a leading provider of accessible technology solutions dedicated to breaking down barriers and improving accessibility for individuals with disabilities, as well as enabling hands-free command and control in a variety of consumer and professional applications. With a range of innovative products and services, AAVAA strives to empower and enhance the lives of people by leveraging the power of technology. To learn more, visit www.aavaa.com

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