Introducing ClearCast PAL™: The Doctor-Designed Personal Assistive Listening Device

clearcast pal
June 20, 2024

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS —  ClearCast Hearing is seeking to re-imagine the hearing device space with a focus on innovation and technology. Designed by board certified Ear, Nose, and Throat Physician, Dr. Sreek Cherukuri, the ClearCast PAL™ aims to improve consumer experiences by clarifying conversations and making television listening more effortless.

Dr. Cherukuri, recognized as a pioneer in over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, has significantly impacted the landscape of affordable hearing solutions, benefiting over 300,000 patients. Despite his success in lowering the cost of entry-level hearing aids, he observed that many individuals still struggled without adequate assistance. This insight led him to conclude that hearing aids should not be the only solution for addressing hearing loss. Through extensive research, he identified the signal-to-noise ratio—the difference in loudness between speech and background noise—as a critical factor in understanding conversations.

In response to the need for innovative solutions, Dr. Cherukuri developed the ClearCast PAL™, a Personal Assistive Listening device designed to provide a practical, easy, and inexpensive alternative to traditional hearing aids.

Users can simply slip on the neckband, insert the earbuds, and adjust the volume to enjoy conversations through the neckband’s microphone. When listening to the television or in situations involving more significant hearing loss, the included wireless microphone can be strategically placed near the sound source, maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio and transmitting that   sound directly to the user’s earbuds.

“Unlike conventional hearing aids, ClearCast PAL™ offers an industry-first dual microphone mode designed to empower users to hear what they want, when they want, near or far, without the need for all-day hearing aid usage. It’s like having a pair of reading glasses or ‘cheaters for your ears.’”

–Dr. Sreek Cherukuri

ClearCast PAL™ offers a versatile listening experience with two microphone modes, ensuring clear hearing, even for individuals with severe hearing loss, surpassing that of traditional hearing aids. Notably, ClearCast uses 2.4 GHz digital technology, a superior choice for synchronizing audio with lip movement enhancing the overall listening experience.

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About ClearCast Hearing

ClearCast PAL™ is a Category 2 FDA-registered personal assistive listening device designed to provide an affordable, user-friendly, and highly effective solution for those that struggle with their hearing. Developed by Dr. Sreek Cherukuri, a board-certified Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor, ClearCast PAL™ is tailored for individuals seeking improved listening, communication, and connection in specific scenarios and settings. Its purpose is to simplify the process of comprehending conversations, whether in the comfort of your home, while watching television, or dining at a restaurant. For more information, please visit


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