Nano Hearing Aids and Soundwave Hearing Announce Strategic Partnership

June 5, 2024

Nano CEO Ryan Zackon and Soundwave CEO Anthony Florek

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA — Nano Hearing Aids and Soundwave Hearing, creators of the Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aid, have announced a strategic partnership to enhance accessibility to advanced hearing technology for consumers. Through this collaboration, the Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids will now be available for purchase on Nano’s platform, allowing Soundwave to reach Nano’s extensive customer base.

This partnership aims to benefit consumers by marking the first step in Nano’s new CEO’s vision of transforming its platform into an online marketplace dedicated to hearing loss solutions. By integrating the Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aid into Nano’s offerings, both companies are streamlining the purchasing process for consumers while providing access to top-quality hearing solutions.

Ryan Zackon, CEO of Nano Hearing Aids, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership:

“At Nano, we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers by offering the latest advancements in hearing technology. Our collaboration with Soundwave Hearing allows us to expand our product lineup, providing consumers with more choices and convenience. This is a win for the consumer.”

sontroAnthony Florek, CEO of Soundwave Hearing, also highlighted the benefits of the partnership for consumers: “We are thrilled to partner with Nano Hearing Aids to make the Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aid more accessible to individuals seeking reliable self-fitting hearing solutions. This collaboration underscores our commitment to enhancing the consumer experience and ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality hearing aids.”

For more information about Nano Hearing Aids and the Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aid, visit Nano Hearing Aids or Soundwave Hearing.


Source: Nano, Soundwave

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