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Diffusion of Innovations and its Application to Hearing Care: Part 1

by Amyn Amlani, PhD In 1962, E.M. Rogers developed a theory on how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread. Specifically, this theory, Diffusion of Innovations (DOI), explained how an idea or product gains momentum and diffuses (i.e., spreads) through a specific population or social system. The principle behind diffusion is that…

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Decision Aids: A Mechanism to Advance Patient Care in the Evolving Hearing Care Market

by Amyn Amlani, PhD Healthcare has moved towards shared decision-making as an engagement strategy that allows providers and patients to work together in determining treatment intervention and management. Decision aids are part of the shared decision-making process that encourages active participation by patients in their healthcare decisions. Over the past few months, readers have been…

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Application of Decision Aids to Enhance Patient Values and Preferences for Care

by Amyn Amlani, PhD Shared-decision making is a core component of evidence-based health care, allowing for evidence to guide decisions about the treatment intervention of that individual patient while considering their needs, values, and preferences. In hearing care, providers are skilled at diagnosing hearing sensitivity but are less effectively in assessing whether the treatment they…

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How Listen Lively’s Telehealth Model Stacks Up Against Clinics

Hearing Healthcare Market Development Column   The question as to whether the telehealth model provides the same quality of care as the traditional face-to-face model in hearing healthcare is topical given that the coronavirus pandemic has entered a third wave. Auditory Insight’s analysis shows that the model created by the telehealth hearing aid company, Listen…

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