nanotechnology hearing loss treatment

Magnanoscience: Offering Miracles to Hearing Care

by Robert Traynor, Ed. D., MBA, FNAP It has been said that “Nanotechnology is an idea that most people simply do not believe.”    What is nanotechnology and how can it be applied to hearing care?     Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of nanoparticles undetectable by the human eye and made up of only…

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redux hearing aid drying system

Redux: A Totally New Concept in Moisture Removal

We know that most electronic devices, including hearing aids, are tested to be moisture resistant, some are even said to be “waterproof”.  Hearing care practices in  high humidity locations, routinely deal with water, sweat and other common hearing aid repairs.  These issues have long been problems with both hearing aids and cochlear implant processors. Practitioners…

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