Looking to hire or be hired? Pay a visit to the HearingHealthMatters.org Career Center

Since its founding in April 2011, HearingHealthMatters.org (HHTM) has quickly emerged as one of the most widely read and most influential publications in the hearing field. I use the term “hearing field” advisedly, since, unlike nearly all the other print and online publications concerned with hearing, ours is written not only for hearing care providers, but also for consumers with hearing loss, their families, and everyone else who shares our conviction that Hearing Health Matters.

In less than 40 months, we have published more than 4000 posts, providing our growing readership with a wealth of information and insights available nowhere else. Later this summer we will draw our 1 millionth page view. Not bad for a publication whose first weekly issue had only 79 readers. While HHTM draws a diverse audience from all over the world, most of the many thousands of people who read our blog every week are hearing care professionals working in the United States and Canada. That’s why it seemed to make sense for us to provide them with the added value of a jobs page on our site.

If you visit our home page or go directly to our new Career Center, you will find a number of employment opportunities in hearing care. My colleague Kevin Liebe, AuD, who is editor of our Hearing Views blog, is also the moving force behind this new feature at HHTM.

Kevin points out, “Since there are only a handful of web sites specifically tailored for careers in hearing healthcare, the new jobs page at HHTM significantly expands the options for job seekers and employers alike. In contrast to other web sites, the HHTM Career Center not only includes jobs for audiologists and hearing aid specialists, but also for ENT physicians, audiology assistants, technicians, teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, and people seeking work in the hearing aid manufacturing sector, among others.”



During this introductory period, the HHTM Career Center is offering employers a reduced rate of $79 a month for job postings, less than half as much as some other sites charge. When employers post on our site, their job offering will also be added free of charge to the nationwide Simply Hired Network.

HHTM is also offering a discount code, hhtmjobs, that employers can mention to qualify for a further 50% discount code through June 30. Custom packages are also available upon request to employers/recruiters with multiple positions to fill.