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Advanced Bionics Receives FDA Approval for New Cochlear Sound Processors

abphnkVALENCIA, CALIFORNIA – Advanced Bionics has announced that FDA approval has been received for two new cochlear implant sound processors, the Naida CI Q30 and Q90 processors. The company also announced that a new version of its SoundWave fitting software, version 2.3, also received approval from the FDA.

A member of the Sonova Group since 2010, Advanced Bionics (AB) has touted the benefits of a close working relationship with its sister company, Phonak, a major global hearing aid manufacturer. Through the Phonak partnership, AB has been able to incorporate many popular hearing aid features and innovations into AB’s cochlear implant systems.

“AB and Phonak have a truly unique relationship where we work side by side combining our talents and technologies to deliver innovations never before seen in this industry… The Q Series is the result of two organizations working together as one united team with the same goal, which is to improve lives by developing the world’s best hearing solutions.”

-Hansjuerg Emch, Advanced Bionics President

Extending Life, Reducing Size of Batteries

pwrcelIn addition to new premium features offered in the Naida CI Q90 sound processor, AB has announced changes to the PowerCel, which have helped reduce size and improved battery life. The new smaller PowerCel is reported to be compatible with all Q series processors.


Source: Advanced Bionics News Release