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With Expanded Media Offerings, It’s Showtime Again at Apple. Will New AirPods be Part of Upcoming Announcement?

According to consumer electronic industry reports, Apple will hold an event on March 25th. They are expected to announce its long-rumored TV streaming and Apple News subscription services.

Rumors of an event at the end of March began last month, saying that the company will reportedly focus exclusively on services. Although, some insiders suggest it is possible Apple will unveil revamped AirPods, a new entry-level iPad, and the long-delayed AirPower wireless charging pad.


Will AirPower and AirPods 2 be Included in Announcement?


This is not the first time that Apple has used the tagline “It’s Showtime” for an event. In 2006, Apple first used the tagline to announce it foray into movie offerings on iTunes and the unveiling of iTV (which would be renamed Apple TV on release in 2007).

“It’s Showtime” could be a fitting teaser for the upcoming event, as, just like in 2006, Apple’s media offerings are anticipated to expand.

Along with the TV service, which is rumored to launch later this spring, Apple is also expected to take the wraps off its Apple News subscription service. The Apple News service will reportedly look to offer a Netflix-style bundle for magazines and subscription newspapers all in one convenient place.

An early report from The Wall Street Journal indicated that Apple was having trouble with negotiations, reportedly demanding a staggering 50 percent of revenue from the service.


*featured image courtesy Beck Diefenbach of Reuters