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New Book Addresses Question: Can One Really Eat Like an Audiologist?

Except for the occasional sandwich, gobbled down in seconds, before it finds its way to the top of their hearing aid test box, or frosty Pudding Pop enjoyed between patients, audiologists are not known for their gustatory prowess. These gastronomic feats, however, are about to change with the introduction of a new cookbook. Spearheaded by world renown audiologists, authors and retired Trivia Bowl creators, Gus Mueller and Jerry Northern, “How to Eat Like an Audiologist” was recently published with much acclaim.

Perhaps because Columbus, Ohio is recognized as the fast food capital of the US, the cookbook was published to coincide with the annual meeting of the American Academy of Audiology, held there last month. How to Eat Like an Audiologist features more than 30 audiologists showcasing their favorite recipes.

For HHTM readers who want to impress their neighbors by showing them “how some legendary hearing heroes and leaders in the audiology field” really eat, a copy of the cookbook can be purchased at this website. The $25 cost of the book and all proceeds go to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation.

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  1. For the record, the book has amazing recipes from 97 audiologists–98 if you count The KEMAR–including one from Raymond Carhart, who of course submitted his well known tasty treat “Carhart’s Notchos.” All proceeds go to the Academy Foundation.

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