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iHEAR to Launch Subscription-Based Hearing Aids

SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA iHEAR Medical has announced plans to launch subscription plans “designed to make advanced hearing technology more affordable and accessible for the millions of Americans suffering from untreated hearing loss”.

According to a company press release, iHEAR’s patented technology will allow consumers to subscribe to advanced hearing aids and optional wireless services on a pay-as-you-go model or at a low monthly fee. The subscription hearing solutions will offer consumers the ability to personalize their hearing experience to suit their budget and individual needs.

“iHEAR’s patented service model lowers the entry point and saves consumers money by providing opportunities to subscribe to a combination of devices and services that addresses individual hearing needs and budget. Consumers will have the flexibility to adjust their subscription as their needs change.”

John Luna, CEO of iHEAR Medical

iHEAR says that it will launch its subscription service in conjunction with mobile apps for wireless programming of its next generation hearing device featuring Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, which will enable consumers to  connect and interact with smart devices in their environment.


Subscription Based Hearing Aids?


iHEAR’s new subscription devices and services will be offered through the company’s proprietary web-based platform, which it says will provide end-to-end solutions from home hearing screening to self-programming and remote professional support of hearing devices.

iHEAR hearing aids, including the iHEARhd, iHEARmax and Eva by iHEAR. iHEAR’s hearing solutions platform also includes the iHEARtest, the first and only FDA-cleared home hearing screener, which allows consumers to quickly and conveniently assess their hearing ability and obtain a Hearing Number™ with a recommendation for potential hearing aid use based on World Health Organization guidelines.


Source: iHear Medical

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  1. Just clicked on over to the links and they’re offering a subscription service for a $299 and $399 per ear devices? I’m skeptical big time that this is going to be anything other than another widget company looking to take advantage of ill informed hearing impaired consumers. “Advanced” technology at that price point? Well… what does “advanced” mean anyway. I guess when you expect the consumer to manage the testing, devices, and fitting all themselves, you can be super cheap! Who needs medical screening or actual in-person care to see if there’s wax in the ears or an untreated medical condition? Let’s just get consumers widgets that are cheap cheap cheap! Because cheaper is always better, right?

    Buyer beware, you get what you pay for.

    Would love to see a subscription service from major manufacturers with real advanced technology and professional service in an affordable manner rather than a widget company that is trying to obsolete the professional involvement necessary to optimal outcomes.

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