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Sonova Partners with Semtech to Create New Hearing Aid Solutions for Improved IoT Connectivity

CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIASemtech Corporation, a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, and Swiss hearing aid maker, Sonova, announced a jointly developed advanced radio system.

This ultra-small integrated circuit (IC) is a main component for a new generation of hearing aids, enabling support for multiple radio protocols in the 2.4GHz band, as well as effective operation on very low power.

“This chip allows Sonova to move in a new direction with our hearing aids. The breakthrough radio technology and power management are the game changers for hearing aids. It allows them to support a number of applications that have previously not been possible in a hearing aid, all at low power consumption and low supply voltage. Possible applications span from connectivity to any Bluetooth® enabled audio device (e.g. a smartphone or television) to full duplex audio streaming between hearing aids and connectivity to wireless microphones.”

–Marc Secall, Director of Wireless R&D at Sonova

“Semtech continues to innovate and create flexible, reliable solutions for challenging applications associated with the best radio frequency connectivity at the lowest power and 0.8V supply voltage,” said Jean-Paul Bardyn, Vice President of Research and Development of Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “Sonova has long been a leader for hearing devices. By implementing Semtech’s technology and enabling access to the Cloud, we believe that these devices will enrich the IoT-connected solutions which Semtech is serving with LoRa Technology.”


Source: Semtech, Sonova

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  1. This is an interesting technology partnership. I think this could potentially help so many individuals who currently have difficulty with their hearing devices in specific situations (places of worship, meetings etc).This could have significant implications in options for the hearing impaired.

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