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ASHA Survey Finds Base Salaries of Audiologists on the Rise

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND — According to the latest ASHA survey, audiologists earned an overall median calendar year (11- to 12-month) salary of $80,000 in 2018, representing a 3% increase from 2016.

Of audiologists who received a bonus or commission in addition to their regular salary, the overall median bonus or commission remained essentially unchanged in 2018, compared with the 2016 survey.

Audiology Salary Survey

In the fall of 2018, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) conducted a survey of audiologists. The survey was designed to provide information about salaries, working conditions, and service delivery, as well as to update and expand information gathered from previous Audiology Surveys, which the organization conducts every 2 years.
Some of the highlights of the latest survey found:
  • Median salary was $83,843 for audiologists who worked 9 or 10 months (academic year) and $80,000 for those who worked 11 or 12 months (calendar year).
  • Median calendar year salary was as follows:
    • $79,095 for clinical service providers;
    • $81,769 for audiologists in sales/training/technical support;
    • $84,609 for university faculty and clinical educators;
    • $104,293 for those who were administrators, supervisors, or directors


Information on Student Loan Debt Also Collected 


Outside of salary information, ASHA also collected information on student loan debt. Nearly one quarter (22%) of all of the audiologists who responded to the survey—regardless of whether they received an annual salary, hourly wage, or commission—reported that they had unpaid student debt.

The median amount of unpaid debt was $60,000, and the mean was $73,298 (n = 385). The median student debt was $60,000 for audiologists who were clinical service providers (n = 312).

Debt amounts are shown in the table below:

audiology loan debt
Student loan debt held by audiologists, based on age.


For those interested in reading the survey in its entirety are encouraged to view it here.


Source: ASHA

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