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Hearing Technology Innovator Award Winners Announced!

Through the annual awards program, Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) recognizes technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry. 

This year’s program saw dozens of innovative technologies submitted from companies across the globe, and more than 15,000 votes cast. Additionally, proceeds from the event helped raise over $4,000 for the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA).

“People who are part of the HLAA community are those who use technology to stay in the hearing world. We depend on innovation in hearing technology to keep pace with other technology advancements. I hope this HHTM competition inspires companies and individual inventors to stretch for new ways to keep people with hearing loss connected.”

–HLAA Executive Director, Barbara Kelley

“It was an exciting group of category winners reflecting the positive changes taking place in hearing care,” said panel judge Andrew Bellavia, Director of Market Development at Knowles Corp. “From devices and software that augment users’ lifestyle at all ranges of hearing loss, to systems that deploy hearing checks and diagnosis more broadly, each contributes in innovative ways to the advancement of hearing health.”


Category Winners


Hearing aids

  1. GOLDStarkey Livio Edge AI
  2. SILVERPhonak Paradise
  3. BRONZEReSound ONE


Personal Listening Devices

  1. GOLDAlango Wear & Hear, BeHear ACCESS
  2. SILVERPhonak Roger Select
  3. BRONZENuheara IQbuds2 MAX


Assistive Technology and Software

  1. GOLDStarkey Thrive Care App
  2. SILVERMED-EL AudioKey App
  3. BRONZEmyPhonak App



  1. GOLDAlango Wear & Hear, Express Hearing Check
  2. SILVERRedux Drying System


Auditory Implants

  1. GOLDMED-EL SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System
  2. SILVEROticon Medical Ponto 4
  3. BRONZEMED-EL BONEBRIDGE Hearing Implant System



  1. GOLDTele-iAudiology
  3. BRONZEOticon RemoteCare

“An impressive list of contenders made it to the top 6. The hearing technology market is beginning to converge with data, AI, biometrics and analysis that will allow the client and hearing healthcare professional to soon provide a unique hearing experience,” commented fellow panel judge, Kat Penno, Founder & Audiologist at Hearing Collective.

“The line between medical grade and consumer grade is merging quicker than we anticipated and this is evident by the finalists. Congratulations to all those who were nominated and thanks to the voters! ” 


Innovator of the Year: MED-EL


The first-ever Innovator of the Year recognition has been awarded to MED-EL, after receiving the most points from the independent judge’s panel, based on the following criteria: 

  • Innovation – Technology that represents novel thinking in addressing habilitation of acquired hearing loss, its treatment and delivery. 
  • Effectiveness – Technological advances that best address limitations of previous generations of technology
  • Efficiency – Advances that best close the distance between hearing care and the end-user
  • Utility – Innovation that promotes greater ease of use by the end-user and/or practitioner

Congratulations to all the winners!

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