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New Olive Pro Blurs Line Between Hearing Aids and Wireless Earbuds

CARSON CITY, NEVADA – Today, Olive Union is announcing its latest smart hearable – Olive Pro – to combat the social and economic barriers to hearing aid use. The “2-in-1 hearing aids and truly wireless HiFi earbuds” look like conventional Bluetooth earbuds, but according to the company, they come equipped with artificial intelligence to isolate unwanted noises and enhance music, conversations, TV and more, based on the user’s specific hearing profile.

The Olive Pro is an FDA class II medical device, like other hearing aids, but is available direct to consumer. The Olive Pro is available today starting at a special pre-order price of $149 ($299 MSRP), and will be shipping in Q1 2021.  

“Everyone takes a different road to healthy hearing, but no matter the journey, today’s hearing  aids industry has placed unnecessary business-driven roadblocks along the way. When my uncle first needed hearing assistance,  everything from design and pricing to technology and maintenance turned him away. Our third generation Olive Pro was built for him and the 466-million people globally, suffering from some  level of hearing loss.” 

–Owen Song, Founder and CEO of Olive Union


Custom Hearing Personalization at Home


Once in hand, calibrating the Olive Pro to your personalized hearing profile takes just 5-minutes and can be set up from the Olive Union iOS or Android apps. If changes to your hearing levels require new settings, recalibration “is as easy as the initial 5-minute setup”.

Olive Pro customizes your hearing by “optimizing audio frequencies to your sound profile, while automatically cancelling background noises and feedback”. Equipped with HD speakers and two way balanced armature drivers, it “has the ability to distinguish and amplify voices, and deliver  personalized music EQ”.

“The new onboard drivers, coupled with Olive’s AI-driven tech, enhances  your day-to-day hearing and music listening experience, customizing the audio output to your  personal hearing profile.”  

The Olive Pro is said to adapt to the acoustic environment using the onboard mics to capture, isolate, filter and reduce distracting background noises, all while amplifying the sounds that matter most. 

According to the company, the devices offer 18+ hours of battery life to allow for daily use for customized hearing, hands free calling and music streaming. 


About Olive Union 

Founded by CEO Owen Song, Olive Union’s mission is to remove the stigma associated with impaired hearing with well-designed, functional and affordable hearables. Learn more at OliveUnion.com.


Source: Olive Union


  1. Everybody is giving this product free press and nobody has actually seen a pair of them?!?

  2. No hearing aid currently in the world, can perform all the hyped up functions in synchrony as yet. The price suggests that processing is not micro chip controlled. Please inform the manufacture to put out the live research for all to read, before selling this fake product. I strongly suspect that auditory deprivation may be an outcome of this hearable.

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