Op-Ed: Improving the Lives of Veterans with Innovative Technology

by Reuben Zielinski

Reuben Zielinski, Co-Founder and President of Redux

Imagine being unable to communicate with colleagues, friends or family members simply because  you’re waiting for your hearing aid to be repaired. That’s the reality for many men and women who  have risked their lives to serve our country.  

Hearing injury is the top service-related medical issue for veterans and many wear hearing devices as a  result. When veterans send their hearing devices to be dried or repaired, it can take 25 to 30 days  before they are returned. During that time, veterans are often left feeling disconnected, isolated and  even depressed.  

When our team at Redux learned about this delay, we knew we could help. Our company has developed  a patented technology that completely removes moisture from hearing aids and electronic devices in approximately 15 minutes. This week, to celebrate Veterans Day, we’ll showcase our dryer to veterans during Easterseals’ “Remembering Our Fallen” photographic war memorial exhibit. The display honors  Hoosier men and women who have died while serving our country. Our team will offer veterans visiting  the exhibit free drying services as a way to improve the performance of their hearing aids, phones and  tablets. 

We are committed to improving hearing for veterans. This summer, we partnered with the Indiana  Veterans Home on a pilot program. Instead of sending their hearing devices out for repair, residents at  the home used the Redux dryer to remove moisture. In every instance, residents reported experiencing better-working hearing aids in just minutes rather than waiting weeks. 

The speed at which our system dries hearing devices, coupled with the results, provides a tremendous  benefit to veterans. The brave men and women who fought for our country deserve the very best in  healthcare. By improving the performance of veterans’ hearing aids, we’re bettering their quality of life. 

As we celebrate veterans this month and all throughout the year, our team at Redux urges other  companies to find creative ways to give back the men and women who served and sacrificed so all of us