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First Virtual Conference on Computational Audiology to be Held in June 2020

The first Virtual Conference on Computational Audiology (VCCA) is scheduled to take place on June 19, 2020. 

“In these times of social distancing, we intend to use the opportunities modern communication technology offers to bring researchers from all over the world together in a virtual conference setting. What better topic than the combination of audiology — the primary sense humans use for communication — and AI/computation — an advanced means by which we try to model and make sense of the world?”


  • Computational models
  • Machine learning for audiology
  • AI for auditory implants
  • e-Audiology
  • AI & Music (for hearing impaired people)

Below a short outline of the plan for the day:


  • bringing Audiology and AI experts together
  • let young researchers present their work and ideas, feedback from peers and mentored by senior researchers
  • social interaction, in times of social distancing

Mission (of promoting computational audiology):

  • Improve access to hearing healthcare (>450 million hearing impaired people)

Target audience:

  • 100 participants (especially young scientists from all over the world)
  • No participation fee
  • We will reach out to research groups in AI and Audiology worldwide.
  • We will provide a young scientist award to the best contribution

May 19, 2020 UPDATE:

  • VCCA has added computational infrastructure as a topic for the conference.
    • We also consider to organize workshops about no-touch audiology services, patient involvement, and building apps for auditory experiments.
  • Ever imagined how to scale up your auditory experiment from a 100 to a 100,000 subjects? See this exciting blog about issues that need to be addressed to scale up auditory experiments. If you’re interested to join Elle’s workshop on computational infrastructure on June 19 during the VCCA2020 conference, don’t forget to fill out the survey and/or if you have suggestions leave a comment in response to her blog
  • We also welcome contributions in the form of blog or reviews to our website. The purpose of this neutral forum/website is to share knowledge about computational audiology. The forum is also used to host the VCCA2020 conference. If you’re interested you can send a text or a proposal to to get it published on the forum.

All presentations and discussions will be recorded and together with the submitted abstracts made freely accessible at

June 12, 2020 UPDATE:

“After accepting 30 abstracts from presenters from 4 continents on June 10, we can show you now a sneak preview of the conference program…. Together with the presenters, scientific committee, and volunteers we’re using this week to make final preparations. More details will follow in the next days. This is our first virtual conference so we are as exciting about this as you are!

 There are still tickets left for the live-stream on June 19. Please don’t hesitate to register as soon as possible!”


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