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New children’s book author aims to take fierce action against childhood teasing

CROOKSTON, MINNESOTA – When author Becky Cymbaluk was unable to find a suitable book about children with hearing aids for her granddaughter with hearing loss, she decided to write Super Kena – A Girl Made Fierce with Hearing Aids.


Addressing Challenges Faced by Children with Disabilities


Children with disabilities are two to three times more likely to be picked on than their non-disabled peers. Super Kena aims to teach young children empathy and understanding by touching on several of today’s most common challenges that children in their own classrooms may have.

The author also hopes to spark fierce determination in all differently-abled children around the country.

Super Kena: When kids at school make fun of her hearing aids, Kena gets a super idea. She will gather her differently-abled classmates and lead a team of super heroes as the fierce and determined Super Kena. Together, they will use their unique super powers to make a difference in the world – by spreading understanding and acceptance . . . one classroom at a time.

Becky Cymbaluk was inspired to write Super Kena for her granddaughter, Kena, who was born with a hearing loss. She learned some American Sign Language to help her communicate and bond with Kena.

They use sign language to bridge the gap between Kena’s way of speaking and others’ understanding.

Book orders and free coloring pages are available on her website

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