six elements pcc

Ida Institute Offers Professionals New Learning Hall Course on the Six Elements of Person-Centered Care

NAERUM, DENMARK — Person-centered care is multi-faceted, and becoming a proficient, person-centered hearing care practitioner requires considering a client’s needs from different angles. The Ida Institute’s new Learning Hall course, “Understanding the Elements of PCC,” provides a comprehensive overview of the different factors in a person-centered approach over six short modules.  The modules are “composed…

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ida institute partnership

Ida Institute Collaborates with to Help People with Hearing Loss Find Clinics Dedicated to Person-Centered Care

NAERUM, DENMARK – A  new collaboration between the Ida Institute and will allow people with hearing loss across the US and Canada to find hearing care professionals and clinics that carry the Inspired by Ida label, a benchmark of quality that signals dedication to person-centered care. Members of the Inspired by Ida program can…

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ida institute hearing network

Ida Institute to Hold Inaugural Person-Centered Hearing Network Meeting

NAERUM, DENMARK —  The Ida Institute will convene the inaugural meeting of the Person-Centered Hearing Network (PCHN) on August 27-28 in Skodsborg, Denmark. The meeting will bring together representatives of leading patient organizations, educational institutions, professional organizations, and care providers from around the world to exchange knowledge and ideas and discuss concrete collaboration opportunities. “The purpose…

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Person-Centered Care from the Patient’s Perspective, a New eBook from Shari Eberts

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — Today, Shari Eberts, founder of, announced the launch of her new e-book “Person-Centered Care from the Patient’s Perspective.” In it, Shari shares her personal hearing loss journey, examines her experiences with audiologists over the years and lays out her formula for person-centered care from the patient’s point of…

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ida my world app

The Ida Institute Now Offering Pediatric Counseling Tool, My World, as Free App

NAERUM, DENMARK — The Ida Institute has announced that its ‘My World‘ pediatric counseling tool, which is designed to help children talk about their hearing loss, is now available as a free app for use on tablets. The tool is said to enable children to express themselves and helps you uncover information about the child’s communication…

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family centered care audiology phonak

Phonak Announces Launch of Accredited Family-Centered Care Program

Phonak announced the launch of a newly accredited eLearning program for hearing professionals this week on Family-Centered Care (FCC). The FCC approach to hearing healthcare is one that recognizes the essential role the family plays in the overall treatment process. Research has suggested that having a family member in the room results in improved consumer…

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hearing aid user manual

Rethinking the Hearing Aid User Guide to Improve Outcomes

Grit, guts, determination, fortitude, perseverance, tenacity. Those are a few of the words used to describe an individual’s ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in their life. No doubt, hearing care professionals, in their daily encounters with patients, are all-too familiar with these characteristics and how they affect treatment outcomes. Clinicians intuitively know that patients…

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lace aural rehab online

LACE Aural Rehabilitation Program Now Available Online

A well-known provider of computer-based aural rehabilitation, Neurotone, Inc., recently introduced LACE (Listening And Communication Enhancement) aural rehabilitation program as a completely web-based application. LACE Online allows users to access aural rehabilitation training on any computer, laptop, or mobile device with no required download or installation. Users can log in and access training on any…

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doctor patient hearing loss

New Report Suggests Hearing Loss is Rarely Part of Patient-Physician Communication Research

Hearing care professionals are intimately aware of the communication demands of the geriatric population and the critical nature of good hearing on day-to-day communication, such as a patient’s visit with their doctor. That awareness, however, does not hold true for medical researchers, according to a recent evidence-based review article published on-line by the Journal of…

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ear injury

Doctors Warn of Dangers from Expanding Bead Toys After Serious Ear Injuries

Doctors are warning parents about the potential dangers posed by popular expanding bead toys, such as Orbeez. According to an article published this month in the journal JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery,  super-absorbent polymer bead toys that expand when placed in water can cause serious ear injuries in children. The super-absorbent polymer balls are incredibly small and can expand up…

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