Tech Versus Time Versus Knowledge

Every day I am amazed at how technology has changed my perspective on the world.  I was chatting with my father recently about how I used to write my reports using the shelf lined with encyclopedias in the basement.  I still remember just looking through them and I recall some of the pictures that fascinated me.  Now, when my children have a question I just “google it.”  We find our favorite, reliable internet spots and figure out the answers no matter where we are (excluding some spots in Wyoming). , thanks to my Smart Phone, which I love.

Where am I going with this?  You can guess because in the 20 years since I started graduate school technology has changed how we test, fit and counsel those across the desk from us.  In some ways it has made things so much easier, but in other ways I can see us fitting hearing aids, but not really thinking about  or understanding what is happening when we click the button to make a change on the screen.  I think of myself as a transitioner  (yes, I made that up) but I learned from those who thought trim pots were the best advancement we would ever have.  They were hearing aid dispensers, Audiologists (who got kicked out of their Association for fitting aids), professors, and old school manufacturer’s reps.  I never knew there were so many uses for lambs wool with hearing aids!  You can have a great refresher or learn what is going on behind your clicks by reading some of our other bloggers, Dr. Wayne Staab and Dr. Marshall Chasin.

All of this helped transition me when programmable came on the market followed by the  digital boom.  With all of this technology, remote  access to my computers at work, and my SmartPhone keeping me accessible no matter where I am, I at times feel the technology has taken over my life.  There are many who believe we need to “unplug” every once in awhile.

Having enjoyed a precious 3-day holiday weekend away from (most) technology,  my advice through this post is 1) know what is going on under those clicks when you are programming and 2) leave it at the office and give yourself some “wireless” time!

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