Earlier in the year I wrote a blog on being grateful.  I had started an experiment in my offices asking my employees to write something to be grateful for on a board everyday and leave them in one of the staff rooms of each office.  My experiment seems to be working and I am going to continue it from here on out.  I also like to vocalize my gratitude around Thanksgiving, as the season fits the sentiment.

I worry that I, my staff, and my family take things for granted, so we all use this time of the year to reflect on and express our thanks.  I try to lead by example, since I learned long ago you can’t change or take responsibility over another person’s behavior–except for my children, that is. I have a few more years of responsibility there!

This year, instead of my usual gratitude blog, I have compiled my top 10 list of things I am thankful for.

10)  Manufacturers fitting both telecoils and wireless in smaller behind-the-ear hearing instruments.
9)  Several manufacturers upgrading technology without giving new ways to interface, in fact making wireless more reliable with NOAH.
8)  Smaller Lyric. Although this has just been released in our office, it does seem to fit those we had difficulty fitting in the past.
7)  Insurance companies who pay the first time we bill and owning up if there is a discrepancy between what the benefit is and what they told us it was.
6)  Having a women’s networking group that can give us ideas about business outside of our own business.
5)  Guiding and teaching the next generation of Audiologists; and they teach me a thing or two everyday.
4)  Working with Audiologists who are smart and who share ideas and expand my knowledge base.
3)  Being involved with the Blogs@HHTM; it is humbling and a privilege to be working with some of the brightest minds in the Hearing Health World!
2)  Being surrounded by supportive people, my husband, my staff, my mentors, my friends…..

And the number one reason for Thankfulness this year

1) Seeing my boys grow into young men. In the end, this is my husband’s and my most important legacy.

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