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Read GSI’s Interview with AMTAS Creator Dr. Robert Margolis, Ph. D.

by Adam Dawson

New technologies are the power source that keeps the well-oiled machine of the medical industry running. As the years march on, new innovations are introduced that help drastically improve practice efficiency and patient care.

One of these technologies is the Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity, more commonly known as AMTAS. Created by Dr. Robert Margolis, PH. D, AMTAS was created as a resource for clinicians to help manage their busy schedules and promote an efficient office environment. Backed by 10 years of research and various clinical studies, AMTAS is proven to allow patients to self-perform screening and diagnostics audiometry with the utmost efficiency.


GSI AMTAS: Automated Audiometry


Grason-Stadler, Inc. (GSI) has two versions of AMTAS. AMTAS Pro must be connected to a GSI AudioStar Pro or Pello audiometer and can perform both screening and diagnostic hearing examinations. AMTAS Flex, on the other hand, is a standalone tablet-based solution, but is limited to just screening audiometric tests. For a more detailed comparison of the two versions, check out the below image!

Recently, GSI had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Robert Margolis and chat about the creation of AMTAS. The interview covers everything from his inspiration to create an automated audiometry system, to how it can help audiologists, to the possibility of automating other audiologic tests.

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