breakdown otc hearing aid regulations

Breaking Down the FDA’s Proposed OTC Hearing Aid Regulations and Panel Discussion with Dr. Tom Tedeschi

In this special edition of This Week in Hearing, Dr. Tom Tedeschi breaks down the FDA’s draft proposal for Over The Counter (OTC) hearing aids. The presentation and subsequent panel discussion was part of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, AuDacity 2021 conference in Portland, Oregon. We would like to thank Dr. Tedeschi and ADA for…

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medicare hearing benefit new otc hearing aid rules

Exploring the the FDA’s Newly Proposed OTC Hearing Aid Rule and the Medicare Hearing Benefit

Brandon Sawalich, President and CEO of Starkey, returns to This Week in Hearing to follow-up with Dr. Bob Traynor to discuss the FDA’s latest decision to release the draft OTC hearing aid rule, as well as the new Medicare Hearing Benefit currently under consideration in Congress – part of a much larger spending bill the…

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otc hearing aids brandon sawalich starkey

OTC Hearing Aids and Legislative Changes in Hearing Healthcare: Interview with Brandon Sawalich

Brandon Sawalich, President and CEO of Starkey, sat down with Dr. Bob Traynor to discuss OTC hearing aids and other legislative initiatives impacting the hearing healthcare industry. They discuss the new advocacy initiative, Listen Carefully, which was recently launched by Starkey with the aim of “bridging the conversation between hearing healthcare providers and lawmakers in…

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Hearables as Part of the Hearing Healthcare Journey: Interview with Nuheara’s John Luna

In this week’s technology spotlight, guest host Tony Sulsona speaks with John R. Luna, Chief Revenue Officer at Nuheara.  The pair discuss the changes in hearing health delivery over the past several years and how the hearables segment is becoming an important and growing part of the hearing healthcare journey – particularly among consumers younger…

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hearing healthcare delivery cooling claridge interview

The Changing Landscape of Hearing Healthcare Technology and Delivery: Interview with Geoff Cooling & Steve Claridge

This Week in Hearing viewers are in for a treat, as host, Amyn Amlani, has an unbridled conversation with notable international bloggers and industry experts, Geoff Cooling and Steve Claridge. In Part 1 of this webcast, they discuss whether today’s traditional hearing aid technology has improved noticeably over products from just a few years ago.…

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