direct to consumer hearing aids vs professional fit devices

How do Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids Compare to Traditional Devices?

Even though OTC devices don’t exist yet as an FDA-regulated product category, direct-to-consumer hearing devices have existed for decades. In this week’s episode of This Week in Hearing, Brian Taylor interviews Professor Sterling Sheffield, AuD, PhD, of the University of Florida. Professor Sheffield has authored soon-to-be-published research comparing DTC devices to medical grade hearing aids.…

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sontro ai self fit hearing aids interview

Reaching More People with Hearing Loss: Interview with Soundwave’s Anthony Florek and Chris Boven

In January of 2022, Soundwave Hearing announced the launch of its new self-fitting Sontro AI hearing aids and mobile app. In this week’s episode, Soundwave CEO, Anthony Florek, and company CTO, Christopher Boven, sit down with host Bob Traynor to talk about the development of the company’s technology and their plans to partner with the…

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balanced armature receivers history audio

History and Evolution of Balanced Armature Receivers and Personalized Audio with Matt Skindzier of Knowles

As hearing aids and consumer audio devices converge, a wider range of people with hearing difficulties will have choices on the type of product they want to wear. At the heart of this convergence are transducers.    In this episode of This Week in Hearing, find out how Knowles Corporation, a household name in the…

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otc hearing aid regulations

OTC Hearing Aid Regulations: Has the FDA’s Proposal Become Obsolete Before it Even Begins?

Is it possible that the FDA’s proposed rule on OTC hearing aids is already obsolete – even before it becomes finalized? Andy Bellavia and Dave Kemp discuss how the long-awaited regulations from the FDA may already be obsolete, five years after the Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Act was signed into law. Be sure to subscribe to…

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