digital therapeutics audiology

Digital Therapeutics in Hearing Healthcare: Interview with Nancy Tye Murray and Chris Cardinal of Amptify

The benefits of aural rehabilitation (AR) for people with hearing loss has been well established for decades. Yet, for a variety of reasons, very few people diagnosed with hearing loss today receive any kind of AR training or support. In this issue of This Week in Hearing, host Amyn Amlani has a conversation with one of…

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otomagnetics nanotechnology ear treatment interview

Using Nanotechnology to Treat Ear and Hearing Disorders: Interview with Otomagnetics CEO, Abhita Batra

In this week’s technology spotlight, Dr. Bob Traynor speaks with Abhita Batra, CEO and Director of Otomagnetics. The company, a University of Maryland College Park spin-out, is developing a non-invasive method to deliver drugs and other therapeutic payloads to inner and middle ear compartments, to the eye, and into the skin. The inner ear is…

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