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New Medical Approaches to Treating Hearing Loss: Interview with Celia Belline and Peter Markham

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly investing in the development of therapeutics to treat hearing disorders. In just the past few months, the industry has witnessed the FDA approval of Pedmark, a new drug to treat ototoxicity associated with pediatric patients 1 month or older, as well as the acquisition of Akouos by Eli Lilly…

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Cell Therapy Treatment for Hearing Loss: Interview with Lineage Cell Therapeutics CEO, Brian Culley

This week we tackle cell and gene therapy for hearing loss. To help us better understand the potential of allogeneic cell therapy we asked Brian Culley, CEO of Lineage Cell Therapeutics to describe how it works and how these types of pharmacologic treatments could stand side-by-side existing treatments such as hearing aids and cochlear implants.…

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New Wearable Technology to Treat Vertigo: Interview with Otolith Labs’ Sam Owen and Didier Depireux

Otolith Labs is pioneering the first medical wearable for the treatment of vertigo, a symptom experienced by more than 15 million Americans. Company CEO, Samuel Owen, and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Didier Depireux, join host Bob Traynor for a discussion of their promising new wearable technology under development for patients with vertigo. The novel technology…

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FX-322 Hearing Loss Treatment: Clinical Trial Data Shows Promise in Hair Cell Regeneration

The ability of human cochlear hair cells to regenerate has been nothing more than a pipe dream – until recently. Frequency Therapeutics, a publicly traded (NASDAQ) company based in Lexington, Massachusetts, has published a series of clinical trials showing early promise that a pharmacologic agent, FX-322, regenerates human hair cells in the cochlea. During this…

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Digital Therapeutics in Hearing Healthcare: Interview with Nancy Tye Murray and Chris Cardinal of Amptify

The benefits of aural rehabilitation (AR) for people with hearing loss has been well established for decades. Yet, for a variety of reasons, very few people diagnosed with hearing loss today receive any kind of AR training or support. In this issue of This Week in Hearing, host Amyn Amlani has a conversation with one of…

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