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Wayne Staab
April 6, 2011

Wayne Staab

Wayne’s World is intended to communicate a potpourri of messages rather than focusing on a specific topic.  This reflects, in part, the variety and length of my experience in the discipline of hearing.  As perhaps the senior active member of the original audiologists working with hearing aid manufacturers and having a clinical and academic background as well, I have witnessed and have been involved in many of the events that have shaped our industry.  And, as a result, my blogs will reflect much about the unwritten history, people, events, and products that have defined and shaped the story of hearing aids and the hearing aid industry.  Other blogs will consist of invited presentations by individuals who are making significant contributions to the discipline of hearing, and who have interesting materials to present.  Expect also to read some out-of-the-ordinary offerings, controversy, history, challenges, and some things that are just off the wall – all intended to stimulate thought or to inform.  Additionally, look for stories that reflect on what we think we know or have taken for granted and which challenge conventional wisdom, and in some cases, challenge what we have been, and perhaps even continue to be, taught.

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