Wayne Staab, Hearing Health Matters

In January 2018, Wayne Staab, Founding Member and an Editor-In-Chief of HHTM, retired his blog, Wayne's World. However, the content Dr. Staab developed and published over the years in this section remains a rich resource that deserves to be discovered by new readers and referenced by earlier readers. Comment Policy


How Stiffness and Mass Impact the Audiogram

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Earwax – Current State of Knowledge

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Hearables – Wearables – Earables?

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The Preferred Hearing Aid?

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Localization: Is it More Important Than Word Recognition?

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3D Printing – Part 2

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Hearing Aid Fears

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PSAP Standard Review

Legislation recently passed in the U.S. House of Representatives1 and expected to be passed... Read More

An Upper Limit to Sound?

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Loudest Sound

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Doppler Effect Animated

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Sound Branding

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