Have Yourselves a Better Hearing Holiday

Gael Hannan
December 17, 2019

Dear Readers,

This week in the Better Hearing Consumer, I write simply to wish everyone a holiday season that is stress-free and communication-joyful.

When our family and friends speak with us in a way that is absolutely, perfectly easy to understand, we should let them know. We don’t have to grovel with gratitude, but we can share our pleasure in a job well-done, especially if it’s not always been the case.

If the noise becomes too much – in our house, at a party, in church – it’s OK to say, “this noise is a bit too much” and remove ourselves to a haven of quiet for a little while. When this happens, I find that other people often feel the same way.

When we have any control over the seating arrangements at a big family dinner, let’s not hesitate to pick the seat that works best for us…even if our aunt usually sits there. She’ll understand if you explain. Tell them all – our family and friends that love us – that we love them too and want to enjoy a family dinner with them.

When the tinnitus ramps up, louder than anything else, let’s help our brain move to something more pleasantly engaging – a holiday movie, a conversation, anything other than giving our undivided attention to the hurtful noise in our head.

It is one of my greatest life pleasures to write a weekly column on HearingHealthMatters.com for people affected by hearing loss, and I will be back in the new year. Until then, enjoy the holidays in the way that you are accustomed and which you enjoy.

With affection,

Gael Hannan

  1. Hello Gael:

    A lovely column to end the year; thanks for it and all the other wonderful pieces of writing that you do. They’re always humourous, and informative that contain helpful information for people with and without hearing loss.

    Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends!

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