How Can People with Hearing Loss Help Other PWHL?

Gael Hannan
January 4, 2023

This the week we vow to exercise more, eat better, be nicer, and reduce, reuse and recycle – and this week, we mean it.

Ask us next week how it’s working out so far.

But as a person with hearing loss, I’ve realized that there is more that we can do, not just for ourselves but for other people impacted by hearing loss. Our friends, our family members, our work colleagues, and everyone else we interact with in even the smallest way.

Some ideas to consider to have a Happy New Hearing Year:

  1. If you have an assortment of old hearing aids lying around, trust me. There are no collectors of old, brown, yukky-gukky hearing aids and molds who need them for their historical collections. However, there are agencies who will make good use of the technology itself – refurbishing them for those who cannot afford it. The Lions Club is one (in some areas), and ask your hearing care provider if they know where you can donate them.
  2. Support your local or national consumer hearing associations. Organizations like the Hearing Loss Association of America and the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association and others around the world can’t operate on fumes. They need money. So instead of grumbling “why aren’t they doing more”, let’s give them the support they need to do what we want them to.
  3. Don’t hide your hearing loss. Being open about it may help others deal with their own hearing loss, even if they don’t tell you. If you see someone glancing at your hearing device(s), say, “Aren’t they gorgeous!” If the conversation stream continues, let them know how technology and a good attitude have helped you cope and thrive with your hearing loss.
  4. Share books and other sources of information with people you know who might need a leg up. Many hearing loss writers like Katherine Bouton, Shari Eberts, me and many others have put time and expertise into creating useful information and practical knowledge for those who are not getting it from any other source. (An interesting understatement: it’s not making us rich.)  Google ‘hearing loss books’ and see what comes up. Books for children with hearing loss, memoirs, how-to books. Go crazy – start reading and sharing!
  5. Attend face to face meetings and virtual meetings of people with hearing loss. Who knows? Something you say or do could resonate with someone and make a difference in their life.
  6. Tell your hearing care providers about the positive experiences that you’ve had -they often share these stories (anonymously, of course) with their other clients. It’s a win-win-win.
  7. Be kind to yourself. When you discard the misplaced stigma of shame, this fosters comfort in you and others!

So, Happy New HEARING Year! Make it one of rich communication with the people you know and love.

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