Better Hearing Consumer

Nov. 29, 2011

You Might Have Hearing Loss If……

Gael Hannan
Right now, thousands, perhaps millions, of people are struggling with a secret question. For some it has been a years-long internal battle. Do I have hearing loss? Yes, I do. No, I don’t. I couldn’t possibly, there’s no history of it in my family. But I’m not hearing some things the way I used to. So what, everyone’s got the same
Nov. 22, 2011

How Much Does My Hearing Loss Cost Me?

Gael Hannan
I am not an economist or accountant, but it doesn’t take a degree to figure out that hearing loss has cost me and my family a mighty chunk of change through the years. Without a thorough economic impact study, it’s difficult to determine the true cost of hearing loss to individuals. It’s a moving target with many variables – income
Nov. 15, 2011

Do I Have the Perfect ‘Hearing’ Partner?

Gael Hannan
Perfect hearing partner /purr-fekt/hee-ring/pard-nurr/: noun, 1. acknowledged companion to person with hearing loss, possessing deep understanding and sensitivity to partner’s communication needs. 2. Someone who models optimal communication at all times and in all interactions. There’s my answer. I have been with the same man for going on 25 years and based on the above definition, my husband Doug is
Nov. 08, 2011

Face Me, Doc, I’m STILL Hard of Hearing

Gael Hannan
Having escaped from the waiting room zoo, I am  sitting in an examining room waiting to see my new ENT specialist. And hallelujah, it’s a real room, with a door. My previous ENT believed in the open office concept, a nightmare for patients with hearing loss. Suddenly, the doctor strides into the room, white coat and a medical intern flapping
Nov. 01, 2011

Speak Up, Doc, I’m Hard of Hearing

Gael Hannan
Ok, people with hearing loss, think quickly now. What’s the most challenging aspect of going to the hospital, doctor, or dentist? The eye exam where you can’t see the technician’s lips, let alone him? The dentist who wears a mask, but you can’t say ‘pardon’ with a mouth propped open by metal bars? The doctor in a rush who doesn’t
Oct. 24, 2011

Hearing Aids – What The Hearing Professionals Should Tell Us!

Gael Hannan
1. When you take your hearing aids out at night, open the battery cage. Otherwise the battery will corrode, and the corrosion will seep into your brain and make you go cross-eyed. 2. I know we told you that it takes 30 days or so to get used to the new hearing aid. But for many people, it’s more like
Oct. 18, 2011

A Hissy Fit about Noise-induced Hearing Loss

Gael Hannan
Standing in the line-up of Tim Horton’s, Canada’s coffee-shop shrine, I heard the music leaking from the earbuds of the teenager behind me. And if I heard it with my severe hearing loss, it must have been really loud. I grumbled to myself, and not only because the noise was irritatingly tinny and nothing I could sing along with.  And I didn’t
Oct. 11, 2011

Lament for a Hoh: My Hard of Hearing Identity Crisis

Gael Hannan
Do you know what really bugs me about being hard of hearing?   I simply detest the term hard of hearing. What does that mean, anyway? What do those words tell you about me, or the way I communicate? I need a better term  to describe myself, but the choice is limited: hard of hearing, a person with hearing loss, hearing-impaired, deaf
Oct. 04, 2011

How To Talk to a Hard of Hearing Person

Gael Hannan
  Conversing with a hard of hearing person is much easier if you, the ‘hearing’ person,  are aware of the hearing loss. If you don’t know that the person you’re talking to has a hearing problem, you might be forgiven for looking in another direction (into space for example) as you prattle on, or mumbling, or putting your hands in front
Sep. 27, 2011

I’ll Read Your Lips, You Read Mine: Random Thoughts from a Speechreader

Gael Hannan
“Gael, did you know Digby has fleas?” asked my friend as he looked into the fridge for snacks. “That’s too bad,” I said. My friend turned back to me, puzzled. “What’s too bad?” “That the dog has fleas.” “Who said that? “You just did.” “I asked if you’d like a diet pepsi.” “Oh. Thanks…and glad to hear Digby has no