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Review of the Kirkland Signature 9.0 Hearing Aids from Costco

Earlier this month, Costco released the latest version of the company’s Kirkland Signature branded hearing aids in stores across the United States. The new Kirkland Signature 9.0 (KS 9) is, for the first time, being produced by Sonova, the parent company of the popular Phonak hearing aid brand.

The new Kirkland aids are a unique product made specifically for Costco that are “powered by Sonova technology”. The new KS 9 devices are said to be built on the Made for All (MFA) chipset platform, allowing for universal direct connectivity to Bluetooth devices.


What’s Different About the Kirkland Signature 9 Hearing Aids?


There is always a lot of consumer confusion when it comes to the Costco Kirkland Signature hearing aids. 

  • Does it have similar features to the manufacturer’s name brand counterpart (like the popular Phonak Marvel)? 
  • What types of features are left out of the Signature brand? 

For an in depth look at what makes the of the Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 hearing aid from Sonova different, check out the latest review from Dr. Cliff Olson:


Clifford Olson is a Doctor of Audiology and Founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem, Arizona.  He served as a Marine Corps Scout Sniper during his time in the military which introduced him to the profession of Audiology.  He also posts informational videos on his YouTube Channel – DrCliffAuD – to educate consumers on hearing healthcare.

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  1. I just purchased a pair of Premium 9.0 aids and enjoy the electronics that seem to be working properly. I am having a problem though, the sound quality is lacking, at least with the initial programming. I hear “Liquid Ss” from whomever is speaking including face to face, radio or TV. For the price of the aids I say they are good although the “S” problem is becoming rather annoying. I’m going to contact Costco and see if this is a known problem or if it can be re-programmed away. We’ll see.

  2. I am an 82 yr old and I wish you would not speak so darn fast on your video. As an Audiologist I’d think you would know better!

  3. I have the Kirkland 9.0 which per the local Costco is a Phonak Brio overall a good hearing aid but the phone option is trash. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and the hearing aids although paired to it do not answer or hang up on the call and if you try to answer on the phone it will not answer. If you get these hearing aids do not get the phone option programmed in or you will be going back to have it removed.

    1. I have had the their Kirkland 9.0 for several months and the phone option is what I like the most. I have a Samsung Note 9, so I don,t understand Mr. Arendts post. I did have to turn off several of the alerts in the phone that I do not like hearing in my aids.

    2. I have had the their Kirkland 9.0 for several months and the phone option is what I like the most. I have a Samsung Note 9, so I don,t understand Mr. Arendts post. I did have to turn off several of the alerts in the phone that I do not like hearing in my aids.

    3. I have a Samsung S8 active and they paired quickly and easily with the Signature 9 and stream my music, audiobooks, and phone calls right into my HAs. I just got them yesterday evening and the first thing I did when I got to my car was ask my husband to text me and call me. I answered the call on my left hearing aid on the first try and also heard the text notification. I never even dreamed it would be so easy. There may be an issue with a *phone setting* as I can’t imagine that the Samsung S9 isn’t M4 like the S8 active. I previously used a demo pair of Oticon opnS1 which are MUCH more expensive, and they had circuit noise (which the audiologist SAID he could fix) and will only stream to my phone with an additional $300 device on top of the $4200 they wanted for the HAs. Granted, these don’t have tinnitus masking features, and it is possible that I will want those at some point, but at $1500/ pr I can buy another pair later if I need them since the prices keep falling. I can just stream masking music into my ears anyway, right?

  4. what do you recommend for the best alternative to Kirkland, when background noise is the biggest issue and recharging is a priority?

    1. Hi John, thanks for your interest. We publish updates and releases from all major companies, including Signia

      They recently released a new product family last month actually, which we reported here:

      Here’s a review last year on Signia Pure vs. Kirkland 8:

  5. Just a little sad I didn’t wait. I bought the 8.0 hearing aids a few months ago and asked when some of the more advanced features might be available. I was just about to give up my Galaxy S9 so I could features unique to the iPhone. Guess I’ll have to settle for 8.0 for a few years.

    1. Costco has 180 day money back return policy for no reason. I just returned my 8s after 5mos and 2 wks for a $1599 refund and bought the 9’s for $1499 with a better warranty.

    2. In Sept. my 5 month old 8 aides were refunded & 9 aids ordered. The 9s do better than 8s did plus have bluetooth. You have 6 months to return aids to Costco. Using aids with OnePlus 5T phone is my favorite feature.

  6. Just got a pair and for the price they are doing the job. My problem with them is they have bluetooth phone and streaming capability but its functionality is the worst bluetooth device I have ever used. If you know how hit or miss bluetooth can be that is saying something.

    1. I have had problems with Bluetooth sound quality with the KS9 hearing
      Aids. I get an anoying echo or scratching noise when streaming voices via Bluetooth.
      he costco hearing center habe reduced the noise but not eliminating the interference.
      Any suggestions?

      1. It may be your phone. If you love the HAs, it may be a lot cheaper to get a new phone. Try the phones you are evaluating with the HAs in the store and ideally at home, the car, work, etc to make sure it’s good for you before you go thru the hassle of setting up the phone with all your apps etc and before the return period on the phone runs out. These are often short- like 7 days and MAY have a restocking fee, so trying them out as much as possible in the store before buying (listen to music, to audio, make a call, see if you can hear the notifications etc). Go when the store isn’t busy and you are MUCH more likely to get the time and help you need to evaluate the phones well. Good luck.

      1. My existing hearing aids have telecoils, but they don’t work with most of the phones I use them with. The old-school corded phones, yes, but cell phones generally don’t work at all.

  7. Induction looping? Not a deal breaker for me, of all the features that would weight in my decision, I.L. would not make the top ten list: I simply don’t spend that much time in “public venues”. However, I do like the fact that I can blue-tooth connect to my TV, computer, iPhone, etc. I suppose it’s all about your priorities, lifestyle and your personal hearing loss, but for many of us a quality instrument well fitted, with the CostCo warranties and service, under $1,500 is a no brainer, induction looping or not.

    1. I have an older pair of kirklands and they need a new receiver or ear piece. NO LONGER MADE. Onlynhave parts for 5 years as I understand. Then if they need parts, junk them and spend another 2K. Not me. Bullsh-t!!!

  8. I can’t believe that Costco and Phonak would eliminate the telecoil from the the KS 9.0 hearing aid. There is a major movement in the US for induction looping at many public venues . Induction loops deliver sound to hearing aids with T-coils that is unbelievably clear and crisp. As a person with profound hearing loss I have found induction looping to be the only answer to my hearing loss in public venues. What was Costco and Phonak thinking? The elimination of the t-coil makes absolutely no senses at all. When do they plan to correct this major mistake.

    1. I hope you get a answer as replacing my hearing aids and saw your comment. I can see my hearing is ok but cannot still hear speech so out to spend more money and get something better so I can join in a conversation. Will be following your post and thx u for this knowledge

    2. I have been shopping for hearing aids for several weeks and tried a pair of Widex Evoke Fusion 2 220’s. They one of, if not the only, products out there that has bluetooth capability and kept the telecoil. Most manufacturers seem to have dumped the telecoil to literally make room for the bluetooth. If it’s important to you to have both, that might be an option, though they are considerably more expensive than the Kirkland 9.0’s.

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