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Sivantos launches New Styletto Connect Hearing Aid

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY — Hearing aid maker Sivantos has announced the launch of the all new Styletto Connect from Signia. The new devices are based on the rechargeable SLIM-RIC form factor, which were first launched in August 2018.

Based on the Signia Nx technology platform, the Styletto Connect combines slim design with connectivity that allows the wearer’s smartphone to stream calls, music and TV via Bluetooth, plus fully portable rechargeability.


Styletto Connect Features & Technology


The new Styletto Connect comes with a pocket-sized portable charging case that powers a full day’s worth of wearing (based on 16 hours of wear time per day) with five hours of streaming on a single charge. With a 30-minute ‘fast charge’, users can get five hours of use, or three hours of streaming. With a full charge, the charging case itself can deliver four days of user autonomy, free from plugs or cables – ideal for a weekend getaway or a business trip.

 “Sivantos aims to create hearing solutions that don’t just help people hear better, but also help them live life to the fullest. Our Styletto Connect delivers on this goal by offering high-tech hearing aids that combine cutting-edge style and direct streaming with on-the-go charging. The Signia brand offers hearing care professionals the greatest choice of Li-ion rechargeable hearing aids so their patients can benefit from market-leading sound performance, stylish design, and the utmost convenience.”

–Eric Timm, CEO of Sivantos

The entire Signia Li-ion portfolio is built on the Signia Nx platform, which includes Ultra HD e2e with Narrow Directionality for improved speech understanding in noise. It also offers Own Voice Processing (OVP™) feature for a more natural sounding own voice and higher user acceptance. All hearing aids offer Signia TeleCare™, the remote support and fine-tuning software that keeps professionals connected to their clients and offer advice and remote tuning via the wearer’s myHearing™ smartphone app.

Styletto Connect will be available in the performance levels 7, 5, and 3 and include remote-control options via the Signia myControl app.

The new hearing aids are said to be IP 68 rated and available in three color combinations:

  • Black / Silver
  • Cosmic Blue / Rose Gold
  • Snow White / Rose Gold


Source: Sivantos

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